Behmor Connected 8 Cup Coffee Maker

Behmor's Connected 8 Cup Coffee Maker is an avant garde approach to the future of home coffee brewing, marrying their outstanding coffee brewing technology with the precision control of a smartphone app.

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Owning the Behmor Connected 8 Cup Coffee Maker

Boasting the same features as their vaunted Brazen Plus, the Connected Coffee Maker allows you to easily adjust brew temperature, pre-infusion time, program set brew times, and save profiles of your favorite settings to repeat again and again. The Behmor app monitors the brewing process, updating you through your phone and alerting you when your coffee is ready to drink.

The Connected 8 Cup Coffee Maker comes with a 40oz double walled stainless steel carafe and brews using an over sized shower head for even saturation of your coffee grounds. Included with each brewer is a reusable gold tone filter, but you can also use paper filters if you prefer.

Programmable Brew Time / Delayed Brew

Program your coffee maker to wake you up with coffee in the morning. The Connected Coffee Maker can be set to begin brewing at a specified time every day. A new feature of the Behmor app allows you to utilize the delayed brew function which preheats your water to your desired temperature before you start brewing. This helps to reduce the delay between grinding your coffee fresh and starting to brew.


Programmable Brew Time / Delayed Brew

Temperature / Elevation Calibration

Dial in precise extraction conditions to brew the best coffee possible. Brew temperature can be programmed in one degree increments between 190F - 210F (88C - 99C). Additionally, the brewer also features an elevation calibration that uses your phone's GPS to determine your elevation to adjust brew temperatures accordingly. (The SCAA Recommends a brewing temperature between 195 - 205F)


Temperature / Elevation Calibration


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