Gaggia Baby Steam Valve Cam Alignment

by Whole Latte Love Updated: January 25, 2021 3 min read
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The following are step-by-step instructions for fixing a spinning steam knob on a Gaggia New Baby espresso machine, and/or a failure to produce steam/hot water when the knob is fully opened on a Gaggia Baby Twin.

Possible Causes

The cam has been knocked slightly out of position and is now loose or broken; It may have slightly slipped position knob was turned all too far in either direction; It may have detached and dropped too far down or detached completely.

Note: To simplify this process, below are a set of photos depicting the stop-screw that gives the steam knob a positive "stop" on full-open and triggers steam/hot water mode on the Baby Twin. The knob should stop just short of the bar hitting the bump-stop when fully closed/tightened, thus allowing the valve to create a proper seal.

Please read all of the instructions before you start.

Tools Required:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 1mm or 2mm Allen Wrench or Hex Key
  • Small flashlight (optional)

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Unplug your espresso machine and make sure that it is cool before attempting any of these instructions to avoid accidental burns.
  2. Remove the top of the machine.
  3. Remove the steam knob. Gripping it by the base, pull it straight up and away from the top plate of the machine. If you can't lift it off, gently pry up the rim of the knob with the tip of a flat head screwdriver (or other similar tool).
    Note: If you need to replace the knob, its part number is GA-11005033(Newer models only)
  4. Locate the five Phillips head screws holding the upper housing in place.
    • One is located directly under the steam knob.
    • Two more screws sit directly underneath the water tank. These are the two screws closest to the upper housing.
    • The last two screws are screwed directly into the upper housing. These are nearest the two rounded front corners of the upper body. They are located near the group head, where you lock the portafilter in place.
      Tip: Once removed, set these screws aside in a cup or bowl to avoid losing them.
  5. Grasp the upper housing by its sides and lift it up about one inch, then carefully tilt and lift the entire housing forward and away from the machine. Be careful not to disconnect or tangle any wires.
  6. You should now be able to see the boiler. This is the silver metal block toward the front of the machine. Inspect the inside of the machine thoroughly.
  7. Locate the steam valve assembly. This will have a “D-Shaped” metal rod sticking straight up out of the top and may have a circuit board mounted around it.
    Note: To simplify a few steps, you can attach the knob directly to the D-Shaped post.
  8. On the steam valve, locate the cam--this is the short metal bar with a magnet inset into it. This cam will be located directly below the small circuit board should your machine come equipped with one.
  9. Using the small Allen wrench or hex key, loosen the small hex bolt on the opposite side of this cam/arm.
  10. With this part slightly loosened, re-attach the steam knob then close the valve fully.
    (You'll likely see the arm hit the bump-stop, but you should be able to tighten the valve further)
  11. With the valve fully closed and the arm not blocking its motion, hand-tighten the small hex bolt again, then try opening/closing the valve a few times to ensure that it is secured. If all is good,remove the knob
  12. Re-assemble your espresso maker, making sure that no wires are pressed against boiler when you re-attach the upper housing.
  13. Reinstall the five screws you removed from the upper housing, hand-tightening each one.
  14. Using power tools will damage the mounting posts.
  15. Fill and attach the water reservoir, plug the machine in, and test it out.
  16. Put the top of the machine back together plug it in and test it out.
  17. If you run into any trouble or have any questions please give us a call or send us e-mail