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Prosumer Machine Video Playlists

With quality casework, big boilers and PIDs, these machines are the best-of-the-best in terms of construction, capacity and control. A Prosumer machine easily brews and froths cafe quality drinks for single or family households, and packs enough punch for the entertainer’s housefull. Brew like a pro with these dream machines.

Semi-Automatic Machine Video Playlists

Helpful features like pressurized portafilters and panarello wands abound in the semi-automatic machine bracket. These entry-level home espresso machines are perfect for the single user or the espresso-loving couple who want to test their coffee chops, and they allow you to break into baristing without breaking the bank.

ECM Semi-Auto Videos

ECM Semi-Auto Videos
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Rancilio Semi-Auto Videos

Rancilio Semi-Auto Videos

Super-Automatic Machine Video Playlists

Super is right! These machines range from partly to entirely automated, letting you brew a custom coffee concoction in as little as one, two or three clicks. Coveted one-touch machines will autofroth the milk, and you can also program in things like coffee strength, volume, and much more. Bring the cafe home with you with a super-automatic.

Grinders Video Playlists

As you’ve probably heard, fresh is best when it comes to coffee grounds. A quality burr grinder delivers freshly ground beans at a uniform consistency straight into the porta- or paper filter of your preferred brew method. These grinders range from push-and-grind to programmable use and grind from coarse to fine, so that you can grind beans, not teeth.