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Get a free flow control all month long when you purchase an ECM, Bezzera or Profitec machine!


Welcome to Latte Rewards

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About Our Rewards

Latte Rewards are our gift to you for choosing us for all your coffee needs. For every purchase, you will get 3% back in rewards, which you can use to redeem gift cards to discount future purchases. There's no better way to buy coffee.

What can I get with my Rewards? Latte Rewards FAQ Sign Up
Whole Latte Love Latte Rewards.

How to Earn Rewards

To earn rewards, all you need is an account and to make a purchase. Accounts are free, and all you need to sign up is a valid email address. Then, make a purchase and watch the points come in.

Get Ready to Reward Yourself

Once you have enough points, head over to the Latte Rewards page and choose a gift card! You'll get a code on-screen that you can copy and use at checkout for a discount.

Latte Rewards FAQ's

If you have any questions about Latte Rewards, check out our Latte Rewards FAQ to see our answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Where are my Latte Reward Points?

1.  Sign into your Whole Latte Love account.

2. Click on "Latte Rewards" on the left side of the page.

3. Please note, your Latte Rewards will be pending for 30 days after your purchase.

Do Latte Reward Points Expire?

Yes, Latte Reward points expire after 1 year.

How do I view my Latte Rewards?

Your pending Latte Rewards can be viewed from the Latte Reward Points section of your Whole Latte Love account dashboard. Or on this page once you are logged into your account.

Can I transfer or redeem Latte Rewards to another account?

Sorry, Latte Reward points are not transferable.

I’m having trouble Referring a Friend.

Learn how to refer a friend by reading the blog below.

How to use our Referral Program

My Referred Friend did not receive points.

Your referred friend will not receive points for being referred. They receive a $10 discount on orders over $20.

Conditions and Exclusions

Bonus Latte Rewards: Bonus Rewards are not always available. Please check our Sale Page to stay updated on when Bonus Rewards are available.