Black Friday Buying Guide: Deals on Products That You Can’t Pass Up On Black Friday

by Kate Blaine Updated: October 19, 2021 7 min read
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Updated for 2021. Who doesn’t love a good deal on products that make your day, every day? With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, we’ve got deals on some amazing products that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. Many of these products are customer favorites, others are great accessories that you should add to your home-barista toolkit, either way, these are our top 10 products with the best deals for Black Friday.

Deals on Coffee

Lavazza Super Crema

Lavazza Super Crema Coffee.A consistent customer favorite at Whole Latte Love, the Lavazza Super Crema has an 80/20 Arabica/Robusta blend boasting with delicious honey and almond flavor notes. The medium roasted beans with origins in Brazil, India, Colombia, Indonesia, and Venezuela can produce a thick and rich crema no matter the machine you’re using. And the best part? Whether you’re craving drip coffee or a latte, Lavazza Super Crema can brew any beverage and still maintain its robust and balanced flavor.

For more information about the Lavazza Super Crema, click here!

Deals on Espresso Machines & Grinders

Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler with Flow Control

Profitec Pro 700.A machine for the hobbyist, the Profitec Pro 700 with Flow Control has everything you’ll ever need to make delicious, café-quality beverages and experiment with different variables to get the most out of your favorite coffee. This dual-boiler semi-automatic machine is one of the most respected espresso machines on the market and for a number of great reasons: it has a near-silent rotary pump and it's plumbable, the flow control device allows you to experiment with different flavors from a single coffee by changing up the flow rate through the puck, and with the PID controller and stainless steel dual-boilers, temperature stability is unbeatable on the Pro 700.

It's a machine that's passed our performance tests with flying colors, delivering delicious espresso and velvety milk foam in less than a minute. The PID shot timer really helps here, making it a lot easier to keep track of that sweet spot for brewing your favorite beverage. Plus, you can tweak brew boiler temperatures to bring out the nuances of a really good high-altitude coffee. For anyone who likes a lot of steam power, you can boost the temps in the steam boiler to push out 2 bar of steam.

Diving into one of the most incredible features, flow control, allows the barista at home to control the flow rate of water during extraction whether you’re looking to find all the different flavors hidden in a coffee. By playing with the flow rate, you can boost brightness for something really powerful, or even tone down that acidity for a drip-style coffee. All features are suitable for the hobbyist or if you’re looking to wow your coworkers with this beast of a machine.

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Check out Marc’s in-depth review with test results below!

Gaggia Accademia

Gaggia Accademia.The Gaggia Accademia is a super-automatic machine that’ll make you feel like a café barista with it’s 7 programmable specialty beverages and a wealth of other customizable options including 3 programmable milk froth settings and an adjustment dial on the face of the machine allowing you to control the flow rate during extraction to get the best flavors and aroma out of your coffee. The flow adjustment dial is a stand-out feature on the Accademia because you’ll have the option to fine-tune the flavors of your favorite espresso or make a longer, lighter drip-style coffee.

For coffee lovers who admire getting their coffee on the go on busy mornings, you’ll love that the Accademia is a bean-to-cup machine that can whip up lattes, cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, espressos, caffes, and caffe longos with no fuss. With the detachable milk carafe, milk never passes through the machine, keeping things clean and hygienic. Simply detach the carafe from the Accademia after creating your milk-based drink and store it in the fridge for next time. The Accademia is a well-loved machine by many super-automatic lovers and is perfect for the home barista looking for a simple and modern way to get café-style beverages at the touch of a button.

For more details on the Accademia, click here.

Gaggia Velasca

The Gaggia Velasca is a chic super-automatic espresso machine equipped with one-touch brewing and Gaggia’s famous pannarello wand to automatically froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos. The matte-black bean to cup machine has a lot to love about it but let’s start with the intuitive display that allows home baristas to brew espresso or espresso lungos at the touch of a button.

Gaggia Velasca.Both drink options are programmable allowing you to adjust the strength and aroma of your coffee, or if you want to really take control over your morning espresso, users can take advantage of the Velasca’s 10 grind settings with the integrated ceramic burr grinder and get a fine grind for crema-rich espresso or a coarser grind for your smooth espresso longo. The durable and precise ceramic burrs minimize heat transfer so that you don't lose out on any of the wonderful flavors of your specialty coffee during operation.

Whether you’re eyeing the Velasca as an entry-level barista or if you’re looking for an espresso machine for the office to brew a number of beverages including espressos, espresso lungos, lattes, cappuccinos, and even Americanos, just how you like it, then Gaggia’s Velasca bean to cup machine is definitely worth investing in during our Black Friday deals.

Interested in learning more about the Velasca, head over to the product page!

Handpresso Auto Capsule Set

Handpresso Auto set.The Handpresso Auto Capsule Set is equipped with everything you need to be your own barista on the road. The Handpresso bag holds the Auto Hybrid for brewing your espresso and can store your favorite Nespresso pods, spoons, sugar to sweeten your espresso and two small espresso glasses. For even more functionality, the Handpresso bag can be used as a tray when brewing your espresso in your car. The Auto Hybrid hooks up to the cigarette lighter and is powered with 12/24 volts to pull a 50 ml shot of flavorful espresso. The Handpresso Auto Capsule Set is a great option for travelers to have everything you need in this complete package. Espresso lovers will love the convenience of preparing their coffee on the go and won’t need to worry about settling for gas station coffee.

There's more to love about the Capsule set, find out more here!

Handpresso Auto Hybrid

Handpresso Auto Hybrid.The Handpresso Auto Hybrid gives you the ability to brew your favorite espresso wherever you go. This mini espresso machine was built for use in your car, RV, or any other vehicle with a cigarette lighter connector to brew your favorite espresso. Fitting snug around the hand, brewing espresso away from your home espresso machine has never been easier, more accessible or simple to store for traveling. The Auto Hybrid is compatible with ESE pods or pre-ground coffee using the domepod adapter, giving you the option to brew your espresso without investing in a grinder when you hit the road.

Brewing a nice, hot espresso is a simple task, the Auto Hybrid heats up to appropriate brew temperatures and is even equipped with a safety system that will prevent the brew button from being activated if the device is not turned over and in the proper position to dispense espresso. The Auto Hybrid is a perfect way to get your morning fix if you’re a traveler, camper, commuter or you’re a hobbyist looking for a new espresso machine to play with.

Click here for more information on the Auto Hybrid!

Ceado E6P Dosing Grinder - V2

Ceado E6P grinder.Let’s walk through the Ceado E6P V2 Dosing Grinder, it’s a professional-quality grinder for serious home baristas looking to grind consistent single or double shots with infinite grind settings. The E6P V2 comes with 64mm burrs equipped with steady lock burr technology, which means that the burrs are equally distant throughout the grinding process whether you’re grinding for one-shot or one hundred shots. This provides the ultimate grind consistency when brewing your espresso and results in better, more balanced flavored espresso.

With infinite grind settings, the E6P leaves room for experimenting with different beverages whether it’s a fine grind for espresso or a coarse grind for french press. Either way, the adjustments are smooth and silky giving you super precise grind adjustments. The design on the E6P resembles grinders seen in many cafes; it sports a portafilter holder allowing for a hands-free grinding experience and a rounded grounds chute that dispenses your coffee grounds in the center of your portafilter for a mess-free experience. If you happen to spill some grounds, the E6P has a grounds tray below the portafilter holder to catch any excess grounds for any easy, stress-free clean-up process.

For more information about the E6P, click here!

Deals on Accessories

Acaia Pearl S Scale in Black

Acaia Scale in black.Complete your set up and get an amazing deal on the Acaia Pearl S Scale in Black for Black Friday! The Acaia Pearl S is a staple for many home baristas who want precise measurements and consistency when pulling a shot of espresso. The Pearl S can weigh coffee in 0.1 gram increments and can measure liquids at 0.005 ounces to ensure ultimate consistency whether you’re measuring for your daily cappuccino or for pour-over. Speaking of pour-over, the Pearl S features six modes: a timer mode, auto-tare for precise measurements, auto-start, an espresso mode, pour-over mode, and pour-over practice, so that you can brew café-quality beverages barista-style.

For more information about the Acaia Pearl S, click here!

BWT Penguin 2.7 L Water Pitcher

BWT Penguin water pitcher.Filter out undesirable particles and other impurities from your water with the BWT Penguin Water Pitcher. The 2.7-liter filter uses multi-stage filtration and magnesium mineralizing cartridges to get rid of impurities and improve the taste of your water and your espresso. This pitcher is ideal for any home barista who does not have a BWT setup or a plumbable espresso machine. This water pitcher makes it super easy and convenient to fill up your water reservoir with clean and freshwater for brewing your coffee or espresso.

What’s on your Black Friday wishlist?