A Quick Look at the Quamar M80

by Whole Latte Love Updated: January 26, 2021 2 min read
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We just added a team of new workhorses to our stable of high end grinders here at Whole Latte Love, the powerful Quamar M80 grinders. These bad boys are the real deal and worthy competitors in the marketplace. The M80 is available in three different varieties including manual, timer, and electronic versions, and comes in two colors, black and silver.

The build quality on the Quamar M80 is some of the best I’ve seen and at a very hard to beat price. With a 63mm burr set, and a 330 watt motor that clocks in at 1600 RPM, the M80’s specs are right on par with its competitors. Operating the grinder is extremely simple as well. Each M80 has 60 detents for each full rotation of the adjustment collar, allowing users to dial in a specific grind setting with less of a chance of accidentally bumping or moving the adjustment without knowing it. The adjustments themselves are incredibly smooth, some of the nicest of any stepped grinder I've seen. Additionally, the intuitive controls on all three machines make operation a breeze.

Quality Of Quamar M80 Grinders

In addition to a high-quality build of the grinders, the engineers at Quamar also paid close attention to other smaller details like cleaning and maintenance. Because the Quamar M80's top burr is mounted directly to the top plate of the grinder, cleaning could not be easier. Similar grinders with spring loaded burrs require you to recalibrate your grind settings each time you clean them. This ultimately wastes time and can throw off the precise calibrations you worked so hard to achieve! When you’re done cleaning your M80 all you need to do is re-attach the top plate and you’re good to go.

The flagship model of the M80 line is the polished aluminum M80 on Demand. With this electronic model there are 3 timed presets for single, double and triple shots, all of which can be programmed within 1/20th of a second. There is also a manual button to allow for custom grinding outside of your programmed settings. This electronic model is absolutely perfect for any semi-automatic owner, especially owners of those high-polish prosumer machines as the fit and finish of this model is a near identical match.

At the end of the day I’d have no problem recommending the Quamar M80 to anyone looking for a high-quality grinder, especially somebody looking for the best value for their money.