Rocket Espresso Appartamento Serie Nera - A New Style of Espresso Machine

by Ed McGuire Updated: January 21, 2021 4 min read
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Say hello to the Rocket Espresso Appartamento Serie Nera, a new, special take on the original Rocket Appartamento. It's just like the original Appartamento, but with bold, black side panels that accentuate the colorful panel inserts that make the Appartamento series so unique. Let's explore what the Appartamento Serie Nera can do for you.

From behind, Rocket Appartamento Serie Nera with black cups on top

All of the Appartamento Serie Nera's 12 colors are found exclusively at Whole Latte Love.

Let's Review

If you're familiar with the original Rocket Appartamento, you'll be familiar with the Serie Nera. It has the same features and performance as the original, but with an alternative style. Just in case this is your first time seeing the Appartamento model, you can expect a reliable heat exchanger espresso machine with a compact footprint. For more info, keep reading.


The Rocket Espresso Appartamento Serie Nera is a heat exchanger espresso machine with a classic E61 group. These two things combine to give you better temperature stability and on-demand performance than a single-boiler machine. The 1.8 L HX copper boiler offers lots of steam power, and you'll be able to brew espresso and steam milk at the same time. This is really handy for when you want to make back-to-back lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos if you're entertaining guests or family.

The steam wand uses Rocket Espresso's patented Cool-Touch technology to reduce heat transfer to the stainless steel exterior of the wand, making it safe and easy to use. Worth noting is that the Cool-Touch technology will mean less scalded milk on the wand compared to similar machines. To keep an eye on your steam pressure, a steam pressure gauge can be found behind the brew lever, with an ideal range marked by a green field between 1 and 1.5 bar. Opposite the steam wand is the hot water wand for adding hot water to your cup for Americanos, hot chocolate, or infusions.

Included with the Appartamento Serie Nera are the commercial-style 58 mm double spouted portafilter and single spouted portafilter, a blind filter basket for backflushing, and a high quality metal tamper.

Color Options

This is where I get most excited, not only because these color variants are Whole Latte Love exclusives, but because the black panels of the Serie Nera really make these colors pop. The following colors are available in all their chromatic glory.


    What's your favorite color?

    The Rocket Appartamento Espresso Machine and Grinder

    If the Serie Nera's won you over, you might be thinking about what the right espresso grinder might be to pair with your new machine. In that case, I'd recommend the Rocket Espresso Faustino, available in Chrome, Appartamento White, Appartamento Copper, and Matte Black. For me, personally, you'd find the Matte Black Faustino on the counter next to my Serie Nera with Ruby inserts.

    Why the Faustino? Well, besides staying on brand, the Faustino is small, offers micrometric adjustment for super precise alterations in grind size, and it has a wonderful touchscreen display. Plus, it's quiet, and I like quiet. All around, it's simply a great espresso grinder, and it looks great next to the Appartamento Serie Nera.

    Rocket Espresso Appartamento Serie Nera - A New Style of Espresso Machine

    Rocket Espresso Faustino Grinder in Chrome

    3 Reviews
    The Rocket Faustino is a modern espresso grinder that features micrometric adjustments for nearly limitless grind settings, a large bean hopper, and an accessible touchscreen display.

    Rocket Espresso Appartamento Serie Nera - A New Style of Espresso Machine

    Rocket Espresso Appartamento Serie Nera - A New Style of Espresso Machine

    Rocket Espresso Appartamento Serie Nera - A New Style of Espresso Machine

    Upgrades and Accessories

    Lastly, let's talk about add-ons. If you want the best out of your machine, you're probably thinking about whatever extra gadgets and doodads you can get your hands on to eek out the fullest potential of your new Appartamento Serie Nera. Well, here's a full itemized list for your consideration.

    Grab the following for the full pro setup:

    Summing Up

    That's the Appartamento Serie Nera. We love it. We're excited about it. It looks fantastic. If you've read this far, give us a call and tell us which one is your favorite color. And, if you have any other questions about the Serie Nera, our experts can get you the answers.