Technivorm Moccamaster Review

by Whole Latte Love Updated: January 25, 2021 3 min read
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Each machine is handmade by Technivorm engineers in the Netherlands, and built with two separate heating elements to monitor both the brewing temperature and the temperature of the heating plate. These elements ensure a brew temperature between 198-205°F and a holding temperature between 176-185°F. It is this precision that has earned the Moccamasters certification from the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the European Coffee Brewing Centre, and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

Considered by many to be the top of the line in drip coffee makers, Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Makers are made by hand in the Netherlands and certified by the Specialty Coffee Associations of America and Europe. When you see a Technivorm Moccamaster in someone’s home, you know they’re serious about good coffee.

If you’re a coffee drinker whose happy with mass-market, pre-ground coffee don’t waste your money. But, if you’re into micro-roasters, single-origins, and enjoy a wine-like coffee experience, the Moccamasters are about as good as it gets.

They get all the specialty coffee certifications because they do it right. They brew at the right temperature of 200 degrees for the right amount of time. Another big deal is the shower head. It disperses the water in a wide pattern to properly saturate the grounds. It’s really something to load these up with some freshly ground coffee and watch it bloom as it brews.

Moccamasters are available in a variety of models allowing you to choose from 8 or 10 cup carafes in thermal or glass. We tend to prefer the thermal carafes. They’re double insulated so they do keep coffee hot for a long time. And with these, there’s no chance of cooking your coffee on a heated warming plate.

If you must have a heated carafe, the warming plates on the Technivorm models are thermostatically controlled to hold your pot at 175 to 185 degrees. The carafe models have an insulated screw on cap to hold in the heat after brewing.

When brewing, you’ve got the wide dispersion shower head. The filter basket is ribbed to allow coffee to flow away from the grounds. All filter baskets have some way of shutting off the coffee flow. On the thermal carafe models, it’s a slider on the side.

With that slider, you can set it to full open, half open or off. So you can change the coffee flow and effect immersion time or shut it off to quickly pour a cup while brewing or stop any drips when brewing is complete.

On the glass carafe model it’s a little different. No slider, but it does have a stopper that automatically opens when the filter basket is in place and closes when removed.

All models have a funnel that directs brewed coffee to the bottom of the carafe. This creates convection and distributes heat evenly. Thermal carafe models have a switch that disables brewing unless the carafe is in place and holding it in. 

Some things to consider if buying... First, you’re going to be blown away by just how good a cup of drip coffee can be. To taste the full potential of this coffee maker you‘ll want to use fresh beans ground just before brewing.

A grinder is pretty-much required equipment. And we’re not talking a blade grinder. They hack-up beans into randomly sized particles. What you want is a quality burr grinder.

Then there are filters - paper, gold-tone filters or maybe both? With gold-tone filters you’ll get something more like a French press cup as they allow coffee oils and a few super-fine particles through. If you prefer a cleaner cup then go with paper filters. They stop any fines and absorb some of the oils as well.

You’ll also want descaling and cleaning supplies. Technivorm recommends Urnex Full-Circle products. Descaling removes mineral build-up in the machines boiler and should be done every 100 brewing cycles or every three months. The Urnex cleaning product removes coffee oil build-up which can’t taint coffee’s flavor. Both products are available here.

For those that enjoy specialty coffee, Technivorm Moccamasters are as good as it gets. If you’re about flavor, you’re going to be surprised just how incredible a freshly ground quality coffee can taste when brewed properly. Doing it right makes a huge, huge difference.