The Bezzera BZ10, a Prosumer Performance at an Affordable Price

by Whole Latte Love Updated: January 25, 2021 2 min read
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Here at Whole Latte Love we carry an extensive line of formidable espresso machines and the Bezzera BZ10 is one of our newest additions. This machine has the looks, the power, and the price to earn itself a place in our prosumer pantheon.

Bezzera BZ10 Breakdown

The first thing we noticed about the Bezzera BZ10 were its attention-grabbing looks and style. It’s got polished AISI 304 commercial grade stainless steel housing, and the large white face dual pressure gauge and stylish lines just ooze classic Italian style. At just 9.8 inches wide and a height just short of 15 inches, the BZ10 certainly packs a lot of performance into a machine that fit snugly on the edge of my desk.

Technically speaking, the Bezerra BZ10 boasts a number of desirable features, like its electrically heated brew group with two dedicated heating elements. Unlike an E61 group head, the BZ10’s is actually monitored by a thermostat, which helps to maintain temperature stability during the extraction process. It has a 1.5 liter boiler made out of nickel plated copper and built with a heat exchanger and a high limit cutoff switch. The heat exchanger lets you brew and steam at the same time, while the cutoff switch prevents the machine from overheating. Despite its size, the BZ10 sports an ample 3 liter water reservoir, this came in handy with the sales office and the kitchen being on opposite sides of the building.

One of my favorite features was the locking steam wand. The lever that operates steaming can lock in place for constant steam, freeing up your hands to perform other tasks while the machine does all the work. Thanks to the two dedicated heating elements in the grouphead, the shots I pulled all came out at consistent temperatures.

With classic Italian styling and loads of performance features packed into a space saving package, it is hard to believe this machine is selling for $1,399. The Bezzera BZ10 is a mighty prosumer machine and will make pulling shots of espresso enjoyable for you and your family for years to come.