The Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine

by Whole Latte Love Updated: December 3, 2020 3 min read
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Things I Like About This Machine

Stylish & Appealing

The Accademia has a sleek look and style. It would look magnificent in any situation. The overall design and stainless steel and steel construction is impressive and beautiful. This machine would fit very nicely in a kitchen that has stainless steel appliances.

Ease of Use

Nothing is easier as a one touch machine and as a bonus this machine will also let you steam milk with the added steam wand if you prefer. You can dial in things such as strength, temperature and size of drinks. It allows you to create drinks exactly as you like and then by pushing a button you will to get the same drink every time. Programming is very easy as well as intuitive through the programming menu. So whether you prefer an amazing espresso or a delicious latte the wide array of programming options will get you exactly the taste you are looking for. As a side note, I also find the display on the Accademia fun to watch as the drinks are being made.

Gaggia Accademia buttons.

Quality of The Espresso

Having used the Accademia in our office for the better part of a year I am constantly impressed by how good the espresso is. The ceramic burrs really do great job of cutting the beans evenly and finely enough for espresso. They also are much quieter as an added bonus. In addition, the grinder is situated directly above the brew group giving you fresh coffee with every brew. You can also dial in the grinder settings as well and dosage (amount of bean ground).

Easy to keep clean

This machine really does a nice job of helping you keep it running smoothly. You will want to use the Mavea water filter that will soften your water by removing Lime and Calcium as well as giving you better tasting water. It also has built in rinsing and cleaning cycles that will happen automatically or the machine will let you know what you need to do via the control screen. The milk container actually does a rinsing cycle after every drink to keep things sanitary, so not really a lot to deal with as far as cleaning milk lines.

Things I would Improve:

It would be nice if the water tank would come out of the side of the machine instead of the top.

Having a taller glass option, rather than four and three quarters under the coffee spout.

Recommended Use:

This machine is for those people looking for a great machine that is easy to use and maintain. Because of the one-touch features, it fits those with a busy lifestyle. Compared to many super-automatics, it gives an exceptional espresso to those who may not have thought a super auto could do such a thing. The ease of use also is great for entertaining as you can still have fun while being the barista for your party. This machine is something that will appeal to those who value their time when they have guests over.