How to Make a Coffee Bar

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: October 19, 2021 2 min read
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Ceado E37S grinder and Joe Bean Coffee.Updated for 2021. There is nothing more comforting than waking up on a Saturday morning, walking into your kitchen with your pajamas on and crafting up a warm and cozy cup of coffee or espresso. What would make this even better is a dedicated and personalized space where you can lay out all of your coffee and espresso products. I began browsing through Pinterest and came up with all of the creative ways that you can build a warm and welcoming coffee bar in your own home that will make you look forward to brewing coffee on even the most mundane Monday mornings. Continue reading for the 6 things that will make your coffee bar irresistible even to non-coffee drinkers:

  1. Updated for 2021. Coffee or Espresso Machine - You can’t have a stunning coffee bar without a top-notch espresso machine! Whether you’re an entry-level barista, a pro-barista, or somewhere in the middle, a good coffee or espresso machine is key for making your coffee bar standout and piecing together all of the other products that will make your ‘coffee cave’ come to life. Here’s where to start if you’re not sure which espresso machine is right for you.
  2. Grinder - Your coffee or espresso is only as good as your grinder. Whether you prefer a medium-coarse grind or a fluffy grind, here are some of the hottest grinders on the market that will make your coffee bar feel like you’re in a top-notch coffee shop.
  3. Coffee, Espresso, Tea, Flavored Syrups and Sugar - You can’t have a coffee bar without coffee, right? Here’s where you’ll line up your favorite coffee, tea, espresso, decaf coffee, sugar, flavored syrups, honey, toppings, you name it! My coffee bar looks like I’ve got the starting 5 in my kitchen. Here’s some of our best-selling coffee and espresso to get you started.
  4. Personalized Touch - You can wipe the shelves clean at Target and Home Goods to build your coffee bar—but, to truly make it feel like your own, add a personal touch that shows off your personality. This can be a painting of yours, your favorite books, flowers from your garden or a hand-painted sign to hang over the coffee bar. Whatever your personal style is, let it show in this step.
  5. Mugs Galore! - Mason jars, gifted mugs, mugs that you bought on vacation, this is where they belong! Decorate your space with your favorite mugs. You can purchase a coffee rack or place them neatly on a shelf above the coffee bar. I love to keep a variety of mugs for days when I’m craving iced coffee or if I want a simple single-shot of espresso.
  6. Coffee Knick-Knacks - My biggest tip for this step would be to go with a fun theme, if you love the Fall, add Autumn-themed decor, if you’re obsessed with Christmas, add a small Christmas tree. Or maybe your coffee bar is beach-themed or minimalist! Have fun with the space, make it inviting and make it feel like you.
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