Dalla Corte Boston Launch Party: Experience the latest trend in coffee, Flow Profiling

by Whole Latte Love Updated: December 3, 2020 5 min read
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Dalla Corte XT.

Meet coffee legends George Howell, Paolo Dalla Corte, and the team from Whole Latte Love when you join us for tastings, workshops, and food/drinks, to experience the Dalla Corte Mina and XT espresso machines firsthand at George Howell Coffee in The Godfrey Hotel on September 26.

Want to experience high-quality espresso like never before? Then you have to check out flow profiling, the next trend in coffee, which is made possible by the Dalla Corte Mina.

George Howell, founder of George Howell Coffee and champion of specialty coffee, states, when commenting upon the Dalla Corte Mina’s flow profiling, “I see the Mina as a genuine high-tech breakthrough for creating profiles rapidly and with extreme precision and consistency to produce a perfect espresso.”

Meet us on September 26, 2019 from 7 PM - 9 PM at the George Howell Coffee at The Godfrey Hotel in Boston, a “2019 Best of Boston Coffee Shop”, for an evening of fun, workshops, demonstrations, wine, beer, hors d’oeuvres, and hands-on access to the Dalla Corte Mina and XT espresso machines. 

Roasters, cafe owners, baristas, and prospective buyers will have the opportunity to see the Mina and XT machines in action along with seeing notable faces in the coffee and espresso scene. 

Dalla Corte Mina.In attendance and available at the event are some of the top movers and shakers of the coffee world, including: George Howell, who is and has been the leading pioneer in the specialty coffee movement;  Paolo Dalla Corte, who along with his father, created some of the most important updates to espresso machine and forever changed the performance and capabilities of espresso machines; Danilo Lodi, World Barista Championship (WBC) Certified Judge since 2011, World Coffee Events (WCE) Representative since 2013, as well as a roaster, barista, instructor, and coffee consultant since 2004; and Gary Salzman, Todd Salzman, and Marc Buckman from Whole Latte Love, the leading espresso machine retailer and new Dalla Corte USA distributor. 

The trio of George Howell, Francesco Bernasconi of Dalla Corte, and Todd Salzman of Whole Latte Love developed a relationship in 2019 and hit it off with their love of Dalla Corte’s Mina machine. With Dalla Corte’s U.S. distributor phasing out, Whole Latte Love stepped in to partner with this amazing leading espresso machine company, which is based in Milan, Italy. 

Dalla Corte Mina.

Whether it be a cafe, an office, or the homeowner who refuses to compromise when it comes to the best of coffee, the Mina is perfect for any environment where you want to consistently dial in a perfect shot of espresso. This NSF approved one-group machine has excellent temperature control and unparalleled consistency, achieved by utilizing a Digital Flow Control which can be used in automatic or manual mode.  

The Mina integrates with the Dalla Corte Mina App, which allows you to save and share (via social media) your favorite profiles; in other words, users are able to create personalized profiles for every member of the family to consistently get the best out of any coffee that’s brewed. Soon enough, one will even be able to view certain flow profiles from coffee roasters all over the world, so that you can brew your espresso exactly as the experts recommend it. 

Danilo Lodi will be leading demos and workshops on how to use Dalla Corte’s high-quality espresso machines. Attendees can even try George Howell’s famous coffee, a brand that specializes in single-origin coffees. Local roasters who come to this event are welcome to bring their coffee in, and Danilo Lodi can help develop a profile for it on the Mina.

The XT is Dalla Corte’s newest espresso machine designed for professional baristas. It is a true multi-boiler machine where each brew group has its own boiler. You can set up each group to have its own temperature and flow rate allowing the barista to get the best out of each coffee.

To RSVP for this event, visit the Eventbrite page by clicking here.

Dalla Corte XT, with blue lighting.


George Howell is well-known for having raised specialty coffee quality standards to a new level through his Massachusetts based company, The Coffee Connection (1974 – 1994). He grew The Coffee Connection into 24 company-owned stores in the Northeast and, in 1994, sold his high-quality popular coffee company to Starbucks. He returned to coffee-traveling world-wide, and in 1997 worked on models of economic sustainability for coffee farmers under the United Nations and the International Coffee Organization. This led directly to the founding of the precedent-setting Cup Of Excellence program in 1999; it established the world’s first international estate coffee competition and international internet auction that mightily contributed to breaking the commodity/price cycle for craftsman farmers in the specialty coffee industry.

To date, no other roaster has gone to these lengths for the sake of quality. For George, it is about the thrill of inspiration and about respect—respect for the farmer, both his efforts and results; respect for the coffee, how they roast and package it; respect for the consumer and their ability to discern a truly exceptional product.

Paolo Dalla Corte, another notable attendee, has always been fascinated by technology. Before founding his own company, he worked with his father, Bruno Dalla Corte, for La Spaziale: “Creativity, innovation and advanced technology run in our family.”

In 2001 he founded Dalla Corte Srl where he started a revolution in the coffee machine industry: multi boiler technology. He patented his idea and came out with the very first Dalla Corte Evolution. Independent brewing units have set a milestone for the professional espresso machine industry and are still the core technology of all Dalla Corte machines today.

Paolo’s creativity has led to other innovative features for Dalla Corte machines, such as Mina’s DFR (Digital Flow Regulator) and the more recent MFR (Manual Flow Regulator) for DC’s latest creation, the XT machine.

Danilo Lodi is a true coffee expert.  He has Italian roots, but was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Danilo has been drinking stolen coffee from relatives since he was 3 years old. He started working as a barista in 2004 doing catering events. After a year, he was already helping as an instructor in barista classes. Between 2008 and 2011, he gained extensive experience in the food industry doing barista training and roasting coffee around Latin America, especially in the South Cone coffee market. In 2011, he was the first Brazilian to be a certified judge for World Barista Championship. In 2013, he became a WCE Representative.  In 2019 he ran “The World cup Taster Championships” at the WCC in Berlin. 

Whole Latte Love, founded by Gary and Lauren Salzman over 20 years ago has turned into the leading and most innovative espresso machine, coffee and accessories retailer anywhere.  With a dedication to helping customers choose the proper equipment for their needs. And then they support the customer with with 7-days-a-week phone-in technical assistance, customer service and sales lines. Viewers on Whole Latte Love’s YouTube channel will have the opportunity to get in depth reviews and opinions from Marc Buckman, Whole Latte Love’s resident expert. Todd Salzman, is the VP of Sales and the resident technical expert who digs in deep inside the machines to show viewers how the machines tick along with doing at home repairs. Marc built the YouTube page from the ground up and has reached 180k subscribers with 1000+ in-depth videos and has tapped into a community of coffee and espresso lovers worldwide. Whole Latte Love has the best reviews on customer service, with over 5800 reviews on Trustpilot and a rating of 4.8 stars.