Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

by Jessica Pavia Updated: December 30, 2021 20 min read
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Can you sense that cool breeze lingering a bit longer? Maybe, like Lorelai Gilmore, you can smell the incoming shift in seasons, the snow? Or perhaps it’s the stores, turning over their decorations — nearly skipping Halloween altogether — that has reminded you the holidays are coming, and soon.

But don’t panic! Here at Whole Latte Love, we’ve been busy putting together a holiday gift guide for you and all those coffee lovers in your life. We have everything from grinders to tampers and, of course, espresso machines. Peruse through all 50 recommended products and you are almost guaranteed to find something perfect!


Dual Boilers

A favorite among home baristas and coffee lovers alike, dual boiler espresso machines have dedicated brew and steam boilers so you can pull shots and steam milk at the same time. Why would someone want this? Well, efficiency. No wait times. No frothed milk losing steam as you wait for the shot to finish. Below you will find our absolute favorites that any coffee fanatic in your life is sure to love.

Synchronika with Flow Control

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine With Flow Control

62 Reviews
The ECM Synchronika with Flow Control is a powerful upgrade over an already adept dual-boiler machine. Impeccable build quality is complemented by Flow Control, giving you further access to the nuances hidden in your coffee.

The ECM Synchronika with Flow Control is a powerful dual-boiler machine that increases steam pressure to nearly 2 bars. By picking this machine, you will be met with impeccable build quality that allows you to enjoy further access to the nuances hidden in your coffee with ease of mind. When paired with the proper grinder, the ECM Synchronika has pulled shots for us that compare with some of our best local cafes. It is, in many ways, the best dual boiler machine you can buy.

The Synchronika is housed in mirror-finish, stainless steel panels. It rests on a one-piece internal steel frame, which protects it from bending or bowing during shipping or as the result of continuous use. Even better, the Synchronika has updated their iconic E61 brew group with stainless-steel internal components, as well as a single top cap for a cleaner aesthetic that other machines lack. These Internals add much greater durability and resistance to calcium build-up for more straightforward maintenance, streamlining the experience of owning an espresso machine overall.

Pro 700 with Flow Control

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Profitec Pro 700 Espresso Machine with Flow Control

161 Reviews
The Profitec Pro 700 Flow Control is the best in show from Profitec when it comes to dialing in your perfect extraction. Manually profile shots with the new flow control valve to tease the best flavor possible from your espresso.

The Profitec Pro 700 with Flow Control is an incredible prosumer and has everything you’ll need to make delicious, café-quality beverages and experiment with different variables to get the most out of your favorite coffee. This German-engineered dual-boiler machine is one of the most respected espresso machines on the market and for a number of great reasons: it has a near-silent rotary pump, it's plumbable, the flow control device allows you to experiment with different flavors from a single coffee by changing up the flow rate through the puck, and with the PID controller and stainless steel dual-boilers, temperature stability is unbeatable.

More about flow control on the Pro 700, this allows users to control the flow rate of water during extraction whether you’re looking to find all the different flavors hidden in a coffee or simply experiment with different styles of coffee. By playing with the flow rate, you can boost brightness for something really powerful, or even tone down that acidity for a drip-style coffee. All features suitable for the hobbyist or if you’re looking to wow your coworkers with this beast of a machine.

Pro 600 with wood accents

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Profitec Pro 600 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine with Flow Control - Ebony Macassar

15 Reviews
The Profitec Pro 600 is a dual PID, dual boiler espresso machine with flow control whose performance and modern aesthetic separate it from the crowd.

The Profitec Pro 600 is a dual PID and dual stainless steel boiler espresso machine with performance and looks to beat. This version improves on the standard Pro 600 by incorporating flow control — an incredible upgrade that everyone is still talking about — and stylish wood accents. Each of the Pro 600’s boilers are temperature regulated by the front facing PID controller, which doubles as a shot timer when a shot is being pulled. For added functionality, the steam boiler can be switched off for use as a single boiler machine.

Just like the Profitec Pro 700 and ECM Synchronika, the Pro 600 is designed to make any kind of maintenance easy to do at home. Lastly, the Pro 600 has a vibration pump and uses a water reservoir only.

Adding even more design to the machine’s substance are the ten available wooden accents on the Pro 600’s housing. From a deep walnut to bright maples, there is an option for everyone’s aesthetic preference!

Profitec Pro 300

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Profitec Pro 300 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

60 Reviews
Profitec presents the Pro 300, a powerful dual boiler espresso machine boasting a level of performance that outpaces its impressively low price-point.

The Profitec Pro 300 with Dual Boilers doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Yet, Profitec knows how to impress us. At first sight, the Pro 300 makes a lasting impression with its polished stainless steel exterior. The PID controller lets you program the brew temperature, and the steam boiler in this machine uses a pressure stat. The PID reigns in temperature stability to within a degree of the set temperature, and features a convenient shot timer for more precise pulls.

In so many words: it’s easy to use and you can pull good shots from it. All the while boasting an impressively low price-point for its build.

Here at Whole Latte Love, we like to look a little deeper. So our technicians ran the Pro 300 through some testing and found remarkably quick warm up times of about 10 minutes, from power-on to brew-ready. We owe this to the brew boiler mounted directly above the brew group, which is passively heated as the machine warms up. If you want, you can switch off the steam boiler to save energy. On that note, steam performance is respectable and the two hole steam tip is perfect for high speed frothing.

Premium Entry Level

Do you know someone just starting out on their espresso journey? What can often feel like an overwhelming deep dive into terminology, technology, and history is made easier with any one of these premium entry level espresso machines. Below you’ll find machines that can grow with you and your loved ones; perfect for beginners, but adaptive as users grow and learn more.

Gaggia Classic Pro

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Gaggia Classic Pro Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

1278 Reviews
The Gaggia Classic Pro improves on the decades old reputation of its predecessor. With an updated commercial steam wand, rocker switches, temperature ready lights, and a streamlined frame, the 100% Italian made Gaggia Classic Pro is the best entry-level espresso machine on the market.

The Gaggia Classic Pro has taken the lead in the coffee and espresso machine market as the go-to for entry-level baristas. Since it’s debut in early 2019, the Gaggia Classic Pro has stunned us with the commercial style steam wand with a two-hole steam tip, refined rocker switch controls, an updated frame allowing for a more accessible reservoir, and improved pump mounts for a quieter operation.

If your giftee is new to the espresso world, the Classic Pro is the best place to start their journey as a home barista. Once they’ve gotten comfortable pulling shot after shot on the Classic Pro and they’re ready for a challenge they won’t need to buy a brand new machine, the Classic Pro is a machine that can grow with you. Users can upgrade their set up with a shower screen, barista pro basket, and a group gasket to get better control over your extraction, all exclusive accessories that are great for leveling up your home barista skills.

And don't forget! The Classic Pro is available in a range of colors and a limited edition 30th Anniversary version is available on our website.

Bezzera Hobby

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Bezzera New Hobby Espresso Machine

29 Reviews
The Bezzera New Hobby is a compact semi-automatic espresso machine equipped with impressive steam power, a 3-way solenoid valve, and an impressive 3-liter water reservoir.

“I am new to espresso brewing and I recently upgraded from a mod version of De'Longhi ec155 to the Hobby 01. I screamed when I turned the steaming knob only for a tiny bit and the steam was already what I could never produce with the ec155. Not only the steaming power was superb, the espresso brewing was infinitely better than the ec155 I depressurized. I can now finally taste the subtle nuances in a single shot of espresso and see how manipulating brewing technique could affect taste. Maybe some people could make fine espresso with the ec155 but the Hobby makes it way easier for me. 10/10 for someone like me who just started learning the art of espresso.” - Jerry C.

Like the Classic Pro, the Hobby is another great semi-automatic for entry-level users but is also a great option for intermediate baristas who are more comfortable experimenting with brewing and steaming espresso and milk-based beverages. The Hobby is a hefty machine wrapped in durable and eco-friendly stainless steel housing and bursts with incredible steam power, which is a great feature for someone who’s a big fan of lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, and other milk-based beverages. With a generous 3-liter water reservoir (larger than your average semi-automatic reservoir I might add) users can brew and steam to their heart’s desire, or until it’s time to refill the reservoir. It heats up fairly quickly in 2 ½ minutes with brewing temperatures at 170 °F. For our in-depth review of Bezzera’s Hobby 01, click here!

ECM Casa V

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

ECM Casa V Espresso Machine

81 Reviews
The Casa V from ECM is the premier semi-automatic machine, and we’re happy to say it’s best-in-class at the premium entry level. German design and Italian craft reflect in the clean, exquisite construction expected from ECM, inside and out.

The ECM Casa V is perfect in a home of one or two people, where it's performance really shines. This is especially so given the commercial style steam wand which packs a considerable amount of steam power and is equipped with a two-hole steam tip for velvety milk foam.The stainless steel, mirror-finished housing is a nice talking piece thanks to the German design and Italian craft reflected in the clean, exquisite construction expected from ECM, inside and out.

You'll find that many typically prosumer-exclusive features are borrowed in the Casa V. For instance, the brew pressure gauge, which lets you keep an eye on pressure while you brew and gives you a sense as to the quality of your shot. To this end, ECM has made sure that the overpressure valve is easily accessible for pump pressure adjustment, hiding it beneath the cup tray. The 1200 watt heating element goes to work on the 0.4 liter eco brass boiler, heating the Casa V to brewing temperature in 5-7 minutes, or steam temperature in one.

Quick Mill Pippa

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Quick Mill Pippa Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

11 Reviews
The Quick Mill Pippa is a semi-professional, semi-automatic single-boiler espresso machine that is versatile, easy to use and maintain.The Pippa has a stainless steel 304, super mirror body, 1.8 L water tank that is easily accessed from the side of the machine, .45 L single boiler made of copper and 58 mm commercial style portafilter. Included is a lever switch 1-0-2 to protect the 1,000 watt heater, an 16 bar brew pressure gauge and a no burn commercial style steam/water wand.

There is something undeniably cute about this machine, whether that be its name — Pippa! — or the rosewood accents on the steam knob and portafilter handle. But the Quick Mill Pippa is more than just a pretty face: it’s a semi-professional, semi-automatic single-boiler espresso machine that is versatile, easy to use and maintain. The Pippa has a stainless steel 304, super mirror body, 1.8 L water tank that is easily accessed from the side of the machine, .45 L single boiler made of brass and 58 mm commercial style portafilter. Included is a lever switch 1-0-2 to protect the 1,000 watt heater, an 16 bar brew pressure gauge and a no burn commercial style steam/water wand.

The Quick Mill Pippa is a versatile machine that’s easy to use and maintain. It’s a perfect machine for espresso novices who are ready to dive head-first, but with some cushy padding.

Rancilio Silvia M

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Rancilio Silvia M Espresso Machine

421 Reviews
Updated for 2020 the Rancilio Silvia M, features an updated black brew group cover, stainless steel steam wand, and includes a 58mm wood handle tamper.

This is the 2020 updated version of the Rancilio Silvia, and it shows. Updated for energy efficiency and more ergonomic use, the Rancilio Silvia M is the most recent entry in Rancilio's long line of home espresso machines, now with an updated black brew group cover, stainless steel steam wand, and including a 58mm wood handle tamper.

To ensure heat retention and lasting quality, the Silvia M features a forged marine brass group head and boiler. The large 12-ounce boiler also allows for steam capacity that is unparalleled by other machines at this size and price. An iron frame, housed by brushed stainless steel, provides durability as well as sleek, Italian style. Known for taking a bit of patience to master, Silvia owners can attest to the quality of the machine and the espresso it produces.

The Silvia M comes standard with a 7 gram coffee scoop, a plastic tamper, and two filter baskets (single and double). The machine is backed by an extended warranty for a total of two years of warranty coverage.

Heat Exchanger

Much like the dual boiler espresso machines, heat exchanger express machines are a fan favorite amongst professional and home baristas. So what does it do? A heat exchanger machine uses steam to flash heat water in the reservoir before heading to the group-head to make espresso. These machines are ideal for coffee fans who enjoy the scientific side of things!

ECM Technika V Profi PID

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

ECM Technika V Profi PID Espresso Machine

30 Reviews
The ECM Technika V Profi PID is a flexible heat exchange espresso machine with the ability to switch between the water reservoir and a fixed water connection. PID temperature adjustment, its quiet rotary pump, and impeccable styling make this a strong option for the home or office.

We’re quite familiar with this machine at the office. The ECM Technika V Profi PID is a quality, handcrafted heat exchange espresso machine that presents a step up from yesterday's Technika IV. All the little updates — like the PID shot timer and stylized steam and hot water controls — make a big difference.

It’s standout feature has to be Technika V Profi PID's ability to switch from its 3 liter water tank to an in-line water connection for an infinite supply, making it flexible for any setting. Working in an office full of coffee drinkers, having that option is incredibly convenient. Of course, the design of an espresso machine always deserves special mention and this one features a handcrafted stainless steel housing, larger pressure gauges for easy reading, and new valves for steam and hot water which feature the ECM logo stamped on the sides.

Profitec Pro 500 PID

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Profitec Pro 500 PID Espresso Machine - Special Edition

239 Reviews
The Profitec Pro 500 PID is a highly capable heat exchanger espresso machine, packed with commercial parts, a quiet vibration pump, and equipped to compete with more expensive machines. The PID is a stand-out feature that puts this heat exchanger espresso machine a cut above the rest.

Profitec is a brand about tremendous performance and distinguished build quality, without compromising on simplicity (just look at how many made this guide!). These machines boast powerful commercial-grade parts, professional aesthetics, and still manage to be easy-to-use. The Pro 500 PID follows suit, packing a level of performance we’ve seen in much more expensive machines into a model that can still fit under our cabinets.

With the Pro 500 PID, you'll get a machine that brews with a 2L stainless steel boiler and powerful 1400W heating element, complimented by the iconic E61 brew group. However, the PID is the real showstopper here. In combination with the engineered thermosyphon system in the E61 group, the Pro 500 PID lends a level of temperature stability previously unheard of in a heat exchanger espresso machine. The need for cooling flushes is eliminated, removing a considerable limitation from this class of machine.

Rocket Appartamento with new wood accents

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Rocket Espresso Appartamento - Walnut Accents

94 Reviews

Each Pro Brewing Kit Includes:

  • 1x Rocket Espresso Bottomless Portafilter - $59.95
  • 1x Rocket Espresso Milk Jug in Black - $35.00
  • 1x IMS Precision E61 Nanotech Shower Screen - $29.99
  • 1x Baristapro 20g Precision Nanotech Basket - $29.95
  • 1x Caffewerks Silicone Gasket - $10.99
  • 1x Bag of Joe Bean Espresso Blend - $18.00
  • 1x Bag of Kimbo Dolce Crema Espresso - $24.99

The Rocket Appartamento is an edgy heat exchange machine with a temperature stable E61 grouphead and an integrated dual pre-infusion system for an aromatic and crema-rich shot of espresso. For any espresso lover who enjoys entertaining, the Appartamento will be able to keep up with the demand for hot espresso and milk-based beverages. The heat exchange boiler allows for a quick heat up so there’s no downtime between brewing and steaming and with new wood panels (an exclusive customization by Whole Latte Love) carefully cut out under the stainless steel housing, the Appartamento is sure to be the life of your holiday party. Here are more incredible features to love about this machine:

A 1.8 L copper boiler maintains temperature stability throughout the machine and acts as a passive cup warmer. Rocket Espresso’s patented cool-touch technology ensures that the steam wand is safe to use since only the nozzle gets hot. The two-hole steam tip bursts with incredible power and the pressure gauge on the face of the machine measures steam power at 1 bar.

An electronic microprocessor on the Appartamento monitors low water levels to prevent a dry boiler and to ensure things run smoothly.

Quick Mill Arnos

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Quick Mill Arnos Espresso Machine

8 Reviews
Quick Mill Arnos Overview The Quick Mill Arnos is a standout semi-automatic espresso machine with all the features you want in high-end brewing equipment. HX boiler, PID control, a vibration pump,...

The Quick Mill Arnos is a standout semi-automatic espresso machine with all the features you want in high-end brewing equipment. With a HX boiler, PID control, a vibration pump, and a sharp appearance, the Arnos makes it to the top of our recommended list time and again.

The Quick Mill Arnos is a high end machine, there's no two ways about it. If you're a traditionalist who loves top quality espresso and other coffee drinks, you owe it to yourself to get something like this. The temperature stability afforded by PID goes a long way to keep quality consistent and, just as well, the PID controller can be adjusted to bring out the full potential of high-altitude specialty coffees. Plus, you will be getting all these accessories included in your purchase as well: single spout portafilter, double spout portafilter, wood handle tamper, a cleaning brush, and a blind filter basket.

ECM Mechanika V Slim

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

ECM Mechanika V Slim Espresso Machine

56 Reviews
ECM’s Mechanika V Slim is a compact and modern take on heat exchange espresso machines with a host of cosmetic and mechanical improvements over its previous iteration.

The ECM Mechanika V Slim brings a measure of truth to "less is more" that our kitchen counter really appreciates. This beautiful machine has slimmed down by more than 2 inches thanks to the vertical reorientation of the boiler, which now measures in at under 10” wide. But don’t let its small size fool you: this machine is all business. 

The new stainless steel boiler has a slightly increased capacity of 2.2L and features thermal insulation for greater energy efficiency. The redesigned interior also resulted in an update to the OPV which is now accessible from the top of the machine and located underneath the reservoir lid. As a heat-exchanger machine, you'll need to pay attention to temperature and perform a cooling flush every once in a while if the machine has been on for some time. However, the dual pressure gauges, custom ECM E61 group, and adjustable OPV make for a respectable prosumer espresso machine that can fit in the tightest of spaces.

If you want great espresso brewing equipment, and you want to save on space, there's no better option. Good things — great things, even — come in small packages.


Super-automatics are hands-down the easiest way to brew your morning coffee. With the touch of a button, you’re on your way out of the door, travel mug in hand, ready to take on the day. Super-automatic machines are all about simplicity and convenience so if you’ve got an espresso lover on your gift list who isn’t crazy about the nooks and crannies of a semi or prosumer machine, then a super-automatic will be your best bet.

Gaggia Magenta Prestige

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Gaggia Magenta Prestige Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

19 Reviews
The Gaggia Magenta Prestige is a sophisticated and powerful espresso machine that produces authentic one-touch milk drinks on the fly with a crisp full color display and easy to navigate menu.

Are you even surprised at this point? We just love the Gaggia Magenta Prestige so much, it has to end up on every single list or guide we do. It’s just the rules. Sleek and modern, the Magenta Prestige ushers in a new era of super-automatic espresso machines from Gaggia. Equipped with a convenient one-touch milk carafe, a vivid color display, and capacitive touch controls, the Magenta Prestige makes it easier than ever to craft café favorites like cappuccinos, flat whites, and Americanos at home. Robust customization options allow you to further refine your drinks to your exact specifications. The Gaggia Magenta Prestige offers the best of Gaggia’s beverage programming and allows you to fully customize each drink on the menu, setting your desired temperature, brew strength (or pre-ground coffee), and volume for all coffee drinks, as well as your desired quantity of milk when applicable.

Gaggia Cadorna Series

Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts for Coffee & Espresso Lovers

Gaggia Cadorna Prestige Automatic Espresso Machine

258 Reviews
The Gaggia Cadorna Prestige is a remarkable bean-to-cup machine with 14 customizable beverages, the option to create 4 user profiles, and an integrated milk carafe for making top quality milk drinks.

New from Gaggia is the Cadorna Series, which includes three incredible machines: the Cadorna Barista Plus, Cadorna Milk, and Cadorna Prestige. Each of the Cadornas use full color displays capable of programming drinks individually, and saving user profiles to keep your preferences separate from other users. If the person you're buying for enjoys crafting their own cappuccinos and lattes, the Barista Plus includes a commercial style steam wand for making a tight, velvety microfoam. For a more automatic experience, the Cadorna Milk includes 10 pre-programmed drinks and uses Gaggia's Cappincup milk froth delivery system to add perfectly frothed milk into the cup. For the ultimate experience, you can get the Cadorna Prestige, which includes 14 pre-programmed drinks and an integrated milk carafe which froths milk twice for the ideal temperature and texture in the cup.

Coffee Makers

Sometimes you just want a cup of coffee without the measuring or scaling or fuss. We get it. Drip, pour over, and Moka Pot coffees are all fantastic choices for that reliable morning (or mid-day) brew. Any of these options are equally exciting and practical!

E&B Lab

Not all coffee makers are drip coffee machines, and we know that. For instance: the beloved and consistent Moka Pot. These ones from E & B Lab are not only sleek and classic in design, they are also an Italian-made coffee maker that utilizes a stainless steel Competition Moka Filter for improved extraction. Housed in aluminum with a black sandblasted finish and compact design, the Classic Moka Pot will look great while taking up next to no space on your countertop.The Competition Moka Filter has a stainless steel, photo-etched membrane with 200 μm filtering capacity and consists of many smaller 0.2 mm holes and a few traditional 0.8 mm holes. This allows for better retention of fine coffee particles and results in a cleaner, more balanced and less bitter cup of coffee. It also reduces the pressure of the water, which prevents damage to your coffee while in the filter. They also come in a 1-Cup, 3-Cup, and 6-Cup size, so any amount of people can enjoy the delicious coffee you get from an E & B Lab Moka Pot. 

Coffee Makers


Whether your brewing drip, pour-over, french press or espresso, the perfect grinder can make a world of a difference in the resulting cup of coffee or espresso. To make sure you’re walking home with a quality grinder for the holidays, here are a handful of great options to keep you brewing barista-style beverages for months on end.

Ceado E5P

The Ceado E5P commercial quality, 64mm burr grinder that’s all business, no frills. We’re honestly impressed by how effective a tiny flap like that could be, but the E5P has near militaristic precision; it barely needs the included excess grounds tray. Operating the grinder couldn’t be more intuitive. Turning the collar adjusts the grind, and, since the E5P is a stepless grinder, you can make essentially infinite adjustments in search of the ever elusive perfect shot. Then simply press the pulse button on the side of the grinder, and let off once you’ve reached the amount you need. For those of us that like simple operation, this is one of our favorite grinders at a great value.

Eureka Mignon Magnifico

The Eureka Mignon Magnifico is an all purpose grinder with 55 mm flat hardened steel burrs that give it the highest output in Eureka’s Mignon range. Not only that, the Magnifico features specially designed "diamond inside" burrs which keep their edge for longer compared to stock burrs. The touch screen display is a stand out feature for a grinder so small, making adjustment as easy as it should be. With its larger burrs, the Mignon Magnifico can produce up to 1.8g of coffee per second for espresso, meaning it can produce a barista quality 18g double shot in as little as 10 seconds. Plus, with a height of under 14 inches, this coffee and espresso grinder will fit just about anywhere. If you're looking for a compact, espresso-focused grinder, this is the one for you.

Ceado E37S

Let’s go straight to the crowning feature on the E37S: it’s comprehensive controls. Not only can you program a single and double shot to dispense by time, within 1/10th of a second, the Ceado E37S features an “extra” button that can also be programmed to your liking. We usually use it for a triple shot, for those triple shot kind of mornings. Of course, you can always grind manually to top off your shot, or for a more hands on experience. Another great addition to the controls are three different modes of operation, so you can choose between selecting the dose on the screen, holding the button with your portafilter, or tapping it once or twice depending on the desired dose. Ceado has really thought of everything with the E37S — and whoever gets this grinder as a gift will be able to tell, too!



The reason we’re all here: coffee. At the end of the day, no matter what machine you have or grinder claims space on your countertop, if your beans aren’t delicious, there’s not much you can do to remedy that. We think any of the below coffees will make a wonderful gift for the people in your life, and will keep them caffeinated for that post-holiday return to work.

Whole Latte Love Coffees

We couldn’t go through this entire guide without recommending some coffees for you — especially ours. We came out with two new flavors in 2021: Whole Latte Love Crema Wave and Whole Latte Love Beamed Up!. Whole Latte Love Crema Wave was tested in our favorite machines, and is a delicious 100% Arabica blend medium roast coffee with sweet notes of almond and honey. Our Beamed Up! Blend is intense and smoky; a dark roast espresso with bittersweet notes of dark chocolate, roasted marshmallow, and red berry.


Is it hot in here, or is it just Fuego coffees? Here at Whole Latte Love, we’re proud to support local coffee roasters like Fuego, who hits close to home here in Rochester. We recently received Fuego Coffee Roaster’s Brazil, Brazil Decaf, Bear Claw Blend, Mexico Chiapas, Ethiopia, Colombia, El Vergel, and El Salvador Red coffees and we can’t say enough good things about it. One of my personal favorites is Mexico Chiapas, with Green Apple and Caramel flavor notes. We can’t think of a better blend to satisfy your pre-caffeinated brain on Monday mornings. If someone on your Christmas list has been looking to switch up their coffee routine, throw in Fuego Coffee Roasters this Christmas. It’s a special way to show that you did some digging and found a local place that makes one of the best blends of fresh whole bean coffee.

Coffee MIO

Australia has become synonymous with specialty coffee and cafe culture. As a third generation company, Coffee MIO is inextricably linked to the history of coffee in Australia and the ambassador to its legacy here in the United States. Coffee MIO coffees bear the unique distinction of being roasted in Australia. The technique and craft, having evolved from Italian origins, is unique to Melbourne and produces a singular coffee experience. For a gift you don’t even have to think about, check out the Outback Espresso Sampler pack to get three of our favorite flavors at once!


Since 1927, Italian-based Caffè Carraro has combined great taste with cutting-edge technology to ensure each cup of coffee is truly exceptional. By adhering to stringent international certifications, Carraro melds a meticulous blend of experience, innovation, creativity and consistency with the finest Arabica and Robusta beans imported from more than 20 different countries to provide delicious coffee with a savory aroma. Just like above, make things even easier on yourself by getting the Caffe Carraro Whole Bean Espresso Sampler!


Maromas coffee is produced from the best origins around the world where their experts select the finest green coffee beans. Then their roastmasters use their skills and experience to roast blends that will make the best coffee for their coffee-loving consumers. Here too you can purchase a Maromas Whole Bean Espresso Sampler to ensure the receiver of your gift will love at least one of them (if not all three).


Sometimes the best part of your espresso set-up are the accessories. They can make life easier and more beautiful, adding character and innovation to your morning brew. Below you will find a mix of tampers, levelers, and cups! 

Bravo Tamper/Leveler

The Bravo Distributor & Leveler is a tool praised by pro-baristas including Danilo Lodi, a World Barista Championship (WBC) Certified Judge since 2011, a World Coffee Events (WCE) Representative since 2013, as well as a roaster, barista, instructor, and coffee consultant since 2004. Lodi uses the Distributor & Leveler to train contestants on the best ways to achieve a high-quality espresso by controlling all of the variables, which includes evenly distributing and leveling the coffee prior to tamping.

Asso Levelers

Tired of tamping? The Asso Jack Leveler allows you to spend more time pulling consistent shots and less time wondering if you tamped properly. The ridges on the leveler help to level out your grounds, even around the perimeter of your portafilter, and compact the grounds at the same time essentially replacing the need to tamp. You’ll see this feature in action if you’re using a bottomless portafilter especially; the espresso will distribute evenly through the bottom of the basket. The Jack Leveler comes in a variety of designs including Whitened Oak, Zebra Wood, and Color Waves, making this accessory a great stocking stuffer and addition to any coffee bar.



All in all, so many innovative, beautiful, and reliable espresso machines, coffee makers, accessories, and grinders came out this past year or two, that you really can’t go wrong with any one of them. Giving good gifts is ultimately about how well you know the people around you — which is to say, this is kind of how much we can help you. The rest, for better or worse, is up to you. But trust your gut, trust that you know the people you love in a deep enough way, or just get them something you would like (especially if you live together). 

If we can get sappy for a moment, our greatest gift this year has to be your continued support, even in the continuing unprecedented (or increasingly precedent) times. On our list, you all rank number one.