Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

by Jessica Pavia Updated: February 14, 2022 4 min read
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Moms live on coffee. Recently, my own mother had to make the unimaginable sacrifice of cutting down from three cups a day to two (can you imagine?). The caffeinated beverage is her lifeline most days, the only way she’s able to get from morning school runs to evening lacrosse games. Coffee is typically treated as a means to her ends.

However, there’s a reason most Mother’s Days in films start off with the family surprising Mom with breakfast in bed. Toast, eggs, orange juice and, most importantly, coffee, are the perfect ingredients for showing someone you care.

Our mothers do so much for us day in and day out, their single moments of peace typically accompanied by a warm cup in their hands. Why not show them you care by gifting them with a new espresso machine, coffee maker, coffee to try, or accessory they’ve been eyeing? Something that will make every morning slog to the kitchen an exciting one!

Give Mom A Break

Some days, Mom is going nonstop from morning to night. In between, she needs something simple, something she can just manage with the press of a button. That’s where Super-Automatics come in. These espresso machines are as non-involved as you can get when it comes to espresso making. And are perfect for Mom’s busy days.

  1. Gaggia Cadorna Milk Automatic Espresso Machine

    If you’ve been a customer of ours for a while, you’ll know already how much we love Gaggia machines. The Gaggia Cadorna Milk Automatic Espresso Machine is no different. Get café-quality espresso and milk-based drinks at home with ease. Plus, the bean-to-cup machine comes with 4 user profiles so you can save your recipes to return to the next day — maybe mom will let you use one if you’re lucky! 

  2. Gaggia Brera Cappuccino Espresso Machine In Black

    Mom loves a good cappuccino, as most of us do. With the Gaggia Brera Cappuccino Espresso Machine, she can make them right at home without taking up too much space. This bean-to-cup super-automatic uses the Capp-in-Cup frothing system to bring Mom perfectly creamy milk foam every time. For those days when she doesn’t feel like a cappuccino but instead another milk-based drink like lattes, she can use the pannarello steam wand. Compact but capable, coming in at just 10 inches wide and 12.4 inches tall, Mom can get her cup of coffee even in the most pressed-for-space kitchens out there.

    Something Sweet 

    1. Fuego Coffee Roasters Ethiopia

      If Mom likes coffee that is light and fruity, then look no further! Fuego Coffee Roasters, local to us, combines grapefruit and tropical flavors for this sweet blend. With each cup, she’ll be transported into the sun.
      Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

      Fuego Coffee Roasters Ethiopia

      7 Reviews
      Treat your taste palate to Fuego Coffee Roaster’s Ethiopian whole bean coffee. A sweet blend of Grapefruit and Tropical flavor notes awaits you for a truly delicious cup of espresso to start your d...

    2. Carraro Tazza D'Oro

      Four words: honey, caramel, toast, and dark chocolate. Okay, five. But still, that’s what you get with each cup of this premium, gourmet coffee. Carraro Tazza D’Oro is a 90/10 Arabica and Robusta blend, meaning it makes a wonderfully medium roast with low caffeine that is sweet and balanced.
      Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

      Carraro Tazza D'Oro

      53 Reviews
      Carraro Tazza D'Oro, available in a 2.2 lb bag of premium gourmet coffee beans, is a 90/10 Arabica and Robusta blend originating from Brazil, Central America and Africa that makes for wonderful esp...

    3. Whole Latte Love Crema Wave Whole Bean Espresso

      We’re maybe a bit biased, but there’s nothing sweeter than sharing a product you’re proud of. And we certainly are proud of Whole Latte Love’s Crema Wave. This medium roast is best when used to prepare espresso, as you can really taste the sweet notes of honey and almond. If you add milk then get ready to be amazed. Crema Wave’s already apparent sweetness is only exemplified when used to make a decadent latte or cappuccino.

    4. Maromas Platinea Whole Bean Espresso 2.2lbs

      Fans of the Maromas Platinea Whole Bean Espresso rave about its smooth and sweet composition. This coffee is a 100 percent Arabica blend, with each unique coffee roasted separately and then “cold-blended,” as is Venetian tradition. What results is a dark and chocolatey drink that never tastes burnt or overly acidic.

    5. Barrie House Salted Caramel Fair Trade Organic Coffee

      I mean, everything you need to know is in the name. Barrie House Salted Caramel Fair Trade Organic Coffee? Yeah, sign us up. This coffee is a whole bean light roast, with a syrupy body and smooth finish. But don’t worry about it being overly sweet. There’s still a nice salty hint accompanying that caramel flavor that perfectly offsets the otherall taste.

    A Touch of Style 

    1. Whole Latte Love Horizon Camp Mug 12 oz in Black and White

      Does Mom wear her passions with pride? Then our Whole Latte Love Horizon Camp Mug in black or white is the perfect vessel for her favorite drinks. But it doesn’t just look pretty. This 12 ounce vessel is double-walled and vacuum-insulated, meaning it will keep Mom’s coffee at an ideal temperature for up to 6 hours cold or 4 hours hot.


    Mom’s deserve to be spoiled, celebrated, and beloved. With all they do for us — often their only respite coming in the form of deliciously brewed coffees — we shouldn’t limit our affections to one day out of the year. But, that doesn’t mean Mother’s Day isn’t the time to show up and out for Mom, and really all the maternal characters in your life.

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