Todd Talks: Brewtus Brew Strength

by Whole Latte Love Updated: December 3, 2020 1 min read
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Expobar Brewtus IV

I sat down with my favorite technician here at Whole Latte Love for look at the boiler system on the Brewtus IV, complete with illustration! The folks at Expobar have developed a pretty innovative boiler system for the Brewtus that keeps the temperature super consistent--plus, with the addition of a PID, it’s one of the most temp stable machines on the market.

The Brewtus is a dual boiler machine with a twist--the steam boiler has a heat exchange boiler built in. What does that mean? Well, the steam boiler is going to heat up first and the integrated heat exchange boiler is going to pump hot water directly into the brew boiler. This feature, in combination with the standard E61 group head--which is constantly syphoning hot water from the brew boiler to the group head--and the PID--which keeps the temp stable to the degree throughout the machine--makes the Brewtus a major prosumer contender.

The simplistic design on this machine makes it easier to troubleshoot and fix on your own if you’re mechanically inclined. Expobar really delivers with this original boiler design and makes a quality dual boiler PID machine available at a more affordable price.