Top 5 Prosumer Espresso Machines

by Kate Blaine Updated: October 19, 2021 2 min read
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Updated for 2021. At Whole Latte Love we’ve got the experts and info you need to choose a machine that’s right for you. Like in-depth, head to head video comparisons of the top names in high-end espresso like Rocket, Profitec, Expobar, ECM, Bezzera and more. We take you inside these machines. You’ll learn what to look for before you buy.

With that in mind, here are five top picks.

In our top five, machines with performance at a value. And, we’ll go on up to machines that are every bit as beautiful as they are capable.

Our favorite for outstanding value is the Expobar Office Lever. Current owners of this heat-exchange machine with E61 group give it consistent 5 star reviews. And it’s no surprise! A massive 1.7 liter copper boiler means very stable brew temperatures and loads of steam power.

If counter space is a concern check out the Bezzera BZ10. A 1.5 liter boiler in a housing that’s just 10 inches wide. BZ10 Owners love it’s electrically heated group head for stable temps, joystick valves and dual needle gauge. It’s an excellent brewer and steamer in a small package.

The ECM Technika is perhaps the most refined heat-exchange machine available. It combines incredible German engineering with uncompromising Italian craftsmanship. A 2 liter copper boiler powers this beauty. The exterior is mirror finished with rolled edges and extra touches tying together the design.

ECM Technika details.

Our last two machines are top of the line dual boiler, rotary pump, PIDs. One with class and one with flash.

If flash is your thing the Rocket Espresso R58 makes a strong statement. Its modern styling represents the sexy end of espresso. A detachable PID controller makes for a clean look. Under it’s alluring body work you’ll find all commercial components which come together to deliver world class capabilities.

Our classy pick is the Profitec Pro 700. It’s our personal favorite. Like the ECM, it’s a beauty with no compromises in craftsmanship or engineering. From massive sprung valves, refined edge work, and automatic shot timer to the best internal components and engineering, top to bottom, inside and out, it’s simply the finest dual boiler machine available.

See these top prosumer picks and package deals with perfectly paired grinders at Whole Latte Love.