Whole Latte Love at the 2019 Boston SCA Expo

by Ed McGuire Updated: January 26, 2021 3 min read
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The 2019 SCA Show in Boston is right around the corner and we're excited to say we're going to be there. Whole Latte Love has a lot of fun stuff to show off, and so we would love to see you there. At our booth, you'll find Marcus Buckman (our Videographer), Todd Salzman (our VP Sales & Product Development), and Nicholas Brown (our Retail Sales Manager and Product Expert). Joining them are three new additions to the company, and the next generation in the Whole Latte Love family, Jesse, Jacquelyn, and Amanda Salzman. Consider yourself invited to hang out with the whole family.

So, what have we got in store for you? Let's get into it.

Great Name, Big Exclusive

We're happy to announce our exclusive partnership with Dalla Corte to be their internet supplier of the Dalla Corte Mina. Our shipment of the Mina is already on it's way, so expect to see them up on our site soon.

Dalla Corte Mina

The new Mina has been NSF approved for commercial use and you can expect it to stand up to the demands of a commercial environment, but it will fit perfectly in the home as well. It will be available in both the 220 volt and 110 volt models. There's so much to talk about with the new Mina, but the key part is its super precise flow control which you can adjust via an app in any way you want.

As for the Dalla Corte Studio, it's an all new machine and we're working hard with Dalla Corte to get its certifications for use in the United States and Canada. In-depth videos for both the Mina and Studio are underway and will show up on our YouTube channel soon.

If you're at the SCA Expo, please feel free to stop by the Dalla Corte booth #131 and meet some of the Dalla Corte team, as well as Francesco Bernasconi, Sales Area Manager for the USA. Our own Todd Salzman will visiting as well, and together they'll be happy to discuss everything there is to know about the Dalla Corte company, family, and, of course, the machines. We'll show you first-hand how a super precise flow profiling machine works for brewing espresso and coffee shots, as well as how to use the Dalla Corte app to change the flow in any way you want. You can even save the profile you like for enduring consistency.

The Future with Ceado

You can be sure to find us at the Ceado booth as well, drooling over the new lineup of Ceado grinders. We're especially in love with the new E37SD single dose, zero retention grinder—it can switch between fine and coarse grinds super quick with a high quality grind you'll fall in love with. The E37Z Hero will be on display as well, and it really needs to be seen to be believed.

The E37SD will be at the Columbian Coffee Club booth #1087 with our own local roasters, Tony and Renée Colón from Fuego Coffee Roasters, who will be doing some pour overs. Ceado will also be at the Sanremo and BFC booth.

Now with Flow Control

Come meet us and Michael Hauck from ECM / Profitec at the “Our Coffee” booth #311 and check out the ECM Synchronika with Flow Control. If you haven't heard, the already fantastic ECM Synchronika will be getting another upgrade: Flow Control. Simply put, it's a new component that fits into the Synchronika's brew group that allows for on-the-fly adjustment of flow rate while pulling a shot. We've been working with Michael Hauck from ECM / Profitec to make this a reality, and we're excited to say it's truly next level.

There's so much happening at the SCA Expo, and we hope you can be part of the excitement!