Café Americano vs Drip Coffee

by Nick Brown Updated: January 25, 2021 2 min read
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Café Americano vs Drip Coffee

Café Americano

A lot of people consider the Café Americano to be a substitute to drip coffee, not so! With an Americano, you’re adding hot water to a single or double shot of espresso. Sure, it may look like drip coffee, but in my opinion, the end result is drastically different.

I like a nice cup of drip coffee every now and then, particularly when I’m having decaf. It’s simple and convenient; I can make a full pot to share and enjoy at my leisure. But, for the most part, I’m on the Americano bandwagon. For me, grinding, tamping, and extracting a fresh shot of espresso gives the resulting Americano a little something extra. It’s a subtle, and some may argue, a psychological difference. But, I prefer adding hot water to a double shot over pouring a drink from the coffee pot.

Drip Coffee

However, our commercial sales rep, Mark Jackson, makes a great case for drip coffee. He is of the mindset that since drip coffee is ground and formulated for its unique brewing process; it is essentially made specifically for its purpose—producing a great cup of Joe. An Americano on the other hand, according to Mark, is diluted espresso…since espresso is created to produce…well, espresso, diluting it with water means that you may not get “optimal” results. “While some people think you get better flavor and aroma with an Americano, this is not always the case. Quality drip coffee, in certain instances, is the way to go,” Mark insists.