Custom Colors for the Rocket Appartamento

by Anthony Licata Updated: January 25, 2021 3 min read
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The Rocket Appartamento has always been a stylish espresso machine, giving us either the copper or white panel inserts to admire. Now, Whole Latte Love has released eight new colors for the Appartamento to increase the range of options even further, giving us a total of ten colors.

The Appartamento is a small espresso machine and can fit into most kitchens easily, so matching it up with your kitchen or allowing it to stand out are both options.

The Full Spectrum

Black: The duo of striking stainless steel and deep black panels makes for a suave, classic look. 

White: Quieter than the copper, the white panels can match with most kitchens, lending a minimalist, yet dapper personality to the space.

Copper: One of the original colorways. It's subtle, but still stands out from other machines. The copper tone is rich, almost savory like a salted caramel latte on a breezy spring afternoon.

Ruby: Dark red panels that are louder than some of the other choices. These panels shine with a vibrant heat like a metallic sunset over a quiet ocean horizon.

Rose Gold: Precious, with a little bit of blush. The Rose Gold panels offer a classic look highlighted with an indulgent tint of red.

5 Rocket Appartamento machines.

Gold: These gold panels manage to add a little bit of brightness to offset darker appliances in the kitchen. They reflect with the soft twilight sparkle of a summer night, to the sound of a champagne toast.

Amazonite: Deep sea green panels that add a hint of elegance to your coffee space. The color is deep enough to swim in, full of mystery and gleaming with enchantment.

Aquamarine: A playful, bright blue set of panels. Lose yourself in a pastel morning sky, free and clear, and without a care.

Sapphire: Electric blue panels surging with high-speed color and foggy, opaque shadows.

Iridescent: Steal the shimmer from the aurora and put it on display in your own home. A wonderful set of panels that change color depending on the angle light hits them. Expect a magnetic spectrum of polarized pinks, yellows, greens, blues, and purples.

5 New colors for the Rocket Appartamento espresso machine.

Why the Appartamento?

The Appartamento is something of an iconoclast among traditional espresso machines, and the Appartamento pulls it off. It's more than just good looking, though. It’s a compact heat exchange machine that has some solid features to make it a good mid-range espresso machine. It can brew and steam at the same time and has a 1.8 liter copper boiler for added temp stability and lasting capacity. The iconic E61 grouphead moves water back and forth between the boiler and group in order to keep your brew water hot for a consistent espresso temperature, and it comes with a pre-infusion system to give your coffee a smoother extraction. For anyone who loves their lattes, steaming on the Rocket Appartamento is easy and precise with the machine’s steam pressure gauge and no burn steam for quick specialty drinks.

The Rocket Appartamento really wins in a lot of categories for both looks and functionality, and we are really happy to present these new colors to give even more customers the opportunity to find the color of their choice for such an aesthetic and impressive piece of machinery.