Bezzera Galatea Domus Review

by Whole Latte Love Updated: December 3, 2020 3 min read
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Pulling beautiful, delicious shots depends on a lot of variables. A big one is brew temperature. Like most semi-automatics of a certain level the Galatea Domus uses an E-61 brew group. The E-61 thermosyphon system constantly circulates hot water through the brew group. The result is more consistent brewing temperatures.

When steaming or drawing hot water the first thing you’ll notice is the valves. They’re set at an angle which complements the look of the machine and they’re labeled in Italian. I like the angle on the valves. They looks good on the machine and they get your hands just a little further from hot stuff when operating. I also like the curves on the piping. It gives you added clearance, more options for positioning a frothing pitcher and furthers the overall styling.

With the 2 liter boiler there’s some serious power delivered to a commercial style four hole steam tip. About ten seconds is all it takes to froth for a single cappuccino. And, it will produce 45 seconds of steam before recovery - plenty to steam for 2 large lattes.

On the front of the machine you’ve got gauges for boiler and brew pressure. Boiler pressure lets you know when the machine is up to temperature for brewing and steaming. And brew pressure can help you fine tune your extractions. Those gauges are nice, placed up higher where you can actually see and use them. Down lower you notice the knob to turn the machine on. It’s another piece of retro styling. A touch that goes beyond the toggle switches found on most machines.


The Styling

There’s a lot of detail in the machine’s stainless steel exterior. Where many machines just cut a body panel, the Galatea Domus does not. Every metal transition is rolled and smooth. A demonstration of quality workmanship.
Up top there’s a access to the 4 liter water reservoir through a panel hinged to the body of the machine. Styled cup rails frame the top. The warming tray has room for 8 cups and features a wave pattern which matches with the easy to remove, high-capacity drip tray down front.

Pulling shots on this machine is similar to others with heat exchange boilers. If needed, do a short cooling flush to remove overheated water. You can also use flushes and vary recovery times to effect brew temperatures.

The machine comes with single and double portafilters, backflush disc, group cleaning brush, coffee scoop and a plastic tamper.


Overall, the quality touches of this machine are hard to miss. Outside, details like the rolled and smoothed edges, hinged reservoir access, curvy cup rails and angled valves add to the retro styling. And that quality continues inside as well with a large 2 liter copper boiler, top-notch components and sensible layout.
Now there are machines comparable in price to this one capable of producing the same quality of espresso. But (and this is a big but) very few that can do that and make a bold statement of style.

That’s the Galatea Domus from Bezzera. It’s available now at Whole Latte Love. Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest on everything coffee.