ECM Mechanika V Slim Review

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: January 25, 2021 3 min read
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With all of the positive reviews rolling in, we knew we had to revisit one of many customer favorites among the Prosumers, the ECM Mechanika V Slim.

The Mechanika V Slim gained its reputation for being one of the smallest prosumers, with the biggest boiler. The vertical reorientation of the boiler shrunk the machine from 12” to 9.8”, giving users more flexibility to squeeze this machine into smaller spaces. Not only that, the machine fits under the standard 17” cabinet, standing at 15.5” tall. If you need a little more space, the cup guards around the machine are removable giving you an extra inch or two of space. With the dimensions in mind, it didn’t take long for the Whole Latte Love team to realize that the V Slim just might be the most forgiving prosumer on the market.

Let’s talk more about many of the defining features on this HX machine.

Design and Construction of ECM Mechanika V Slim. Design & Construction

Prosumers are known for having an edgy aesthetic and the Mechanika V Slim sits right in that category. The machine is inspired by German industrial design complete with stainless steel housing and a mirror finish. The careful handmade construction of this machine speaks to ECM’s dedication to 25 years of manufacturing durable machines in style. Keeping the consumer in mind, the V Slim is a compact with machine with a lot to give in design and performance.

Inside the ECM Mechanika V Slim. Nuts & Bolts

ECM’s Mechanika V Slim features a high-end E61 Brew Group that is constantly heated with water from the thermosyphon system for temperature stability. You will also notice that your portafilter will be heated which is a great factor when brewing a nice, hot espresso. Speaking of the portafilter, it’s custom-made with an angle on the handle so that when you place it on the counter, the basket will be level for when you tamp. As you look at the top and bottom of the brew group, you’ll see the cap at the top and on the end are custom-made as well for the V Slim, again this speaks to the well-engineered German design of this HX prosumer.

Now, let’s get back to the 2.2-liter vertical boiler. Yes, ECM changed the orientation of the boiler on this HX machine to give you more space, however, you’ll also notice that the sleek design and construction on the outside carries onto the inside of the machine. In a video of the ECM Mechanika V Slim, Todd mentions how much he appreciates the attention to detail on the inside stating, “It’s all German-designed, Italian-built, but the way it’s made everything is laid out perfectly. If you ever have to do some user service or maintenance, it’s easy to get inside and get everything. This is probably the easiest machine there is.”

I have no engineering degree, but I can say that the Mechanika V Slim is probably the simplest prosumer to get in and out of quickly while still keeping things intact and working properly.

To keep things running smoothly, we recommend using BWT’s Bestsave M Anti Scale Filter. This filter will help to extend the time between descaling and help produce better-tasting coffee.

ECM Mechanika V Slim on Table.

Who’s It For?

To put it simply, this machine is for the barista who may not have tons of counter space but still wants to make a statement when brewing espresso. Aesthetically, the V Slim is compact yet striking in design and construction. The engineering is carefully thought out making this prosumer simple to maintain and user-service appropriate. Because it’s an HX machine, it can brew and steam at the same time, perfect for making lattes and cappuccinos without any wait time.

Is the ECM Mechanika V Slim right for you? Check out the product page here!