Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker Review

by Whole Latte Love Updated: December 3, 2020 2 min read
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It wasn't pixie dust, but ingenuity and technological know-how that brought one of the world's smallest single-serve machines to our doorstep. The itty-bitty Nespresso Pixie is about eight capsules tall and as wide as the length of the average spoon. At only 6.5 pounds, the Pixie weighs less than most newborns. Think of it as the Thumbelina of the espresso world. The Pixie can fit in almost any nook and cranny; you can park it at home or your cubicle and kiss burnt office coffee goodbye. It's even available in 6 vibrant colors to suit your personal preferences and décor.

Lest you think otherwise, the Pixie doesn't just rest of its good-looking, space-saving laurels. Equipped with a thermoblock boiler that could, this single-serve espresso machine posts record-breaking warm-up times. On average, it takes the Pixie only 25 seconds to go from a cold start to ideal brewing temp. This means you can turn the machine on and prepare a fresh beverage in less than 60 seconds. You'll be able to brew a great shot and make it to the next department meeting with plenty of time to spare.

The Capsules

The single-serve Pixie uses proprietary Nespresso capsules to prepare your drinks. This is something worth keeping in mind, if you're interested in purchasing not just the Pixie but any Nespresso single-serve machine. Nespresso capsules are available exclusively through the Nespresso Club and are not sold through Whole Latte Love or any other retailer. There are 16 Grand Cru capsules to choose from, ranging from ristretto to espresso, regular, decaf and café lungo varieties. Ground coffee is sealed within the aluminum-coated capsules to protect against air and light exposure and guard against oxidation, flavor and aroma loss. By any standard, the Nespresso capsules and brewing system are some of the best in the industry.


The Pixie can accommodate all Nespresso capsules. Shot volume is programmable; you can opt to brew one, two or three-ounce espressos to suit your preferences. Even for the uninitiated, the Nespresso Pixie is easy to use. Simply insert a capsule of your choice and press the single or double-shot button. The Pixie will brew and dispense fresh espresso directly into your cup. Spent capsules are automatically discarded into the capsule container, which is capable of holding approximately 10 capsules.

If you want to brew into an espresso cup, leave the cup tray down; otherwise, the cup tray can be pushed up and out of place to allow you to accommodate a tall glass (up to 5.5" inches). The Pixie is also exceedingly energy efficient. It'll let you go green by using 40% less energy than comparable single-serve machines. Nespresso will even get you started on the right foot with 16 free capsules. If you've been waiting for a small, easy-to-use single-serve espresso machine, the Nespresso Pixie is just what the doctor ordered.