What is an Aeropress?

by Whole Latte Love Updated: January 25, 2021 3 min read
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There are a lot of alternate brew methods out there. You’ve got Pour Over, French Press and then there's the Aeropress which is very popular around the office here. One thing that I like with the Aeropress is just how many different ways you can brew with it. One thing’s for sure; devoted fans of the aeropress say it makes the best coffee. On top of being very easy to use, it is a full immersion method like a French Press. Put coffee and water in, give it a stir, let it sit for a time then press it out into your cup through the paper filter.

I would love to say here is the best way to make coffee with an aeropress. But check the internet and you will easily find 20 people that do it 20 different ways each claiming that the way they make it is the best.

We can say, is it’s not exactly beautiful but it is utilitarian... it’s easy to use, nearly indestructible and again, those who use it say it makes the best coffee.


  • When brewing through paper filters we always like to pre-rinse to get rid of any filter taste. So just pour some brew water through. Doing this will help pre-heat the aeropress along with your cup. Very important when using small volume brewing methods!
  • Add some ground coffee (of course fresh is best) usually somewhere between 17 and 22 grams. You can eyeball the amount or get technical and weigh it out.
  • A good hand grinder is a perfect accessory. With hand grinders like the Hario Mini Mill, you can take the grinding portion off the container and grind directly into the aeropress.
  • For grind size, some like a very fine espresso grind while others prefer to go a lot coarser. Grind size determines immersion time. With a fine espresso grind usually it takes under two minutes for total prep.
  • With the grinds in, add some water that’s off a boil in the 198 to 205 range.  Let the coffee bloom. Then give it a stir and add the rest of the water. 
  • You’ll want to get the plunger on as soon as possible to keep the coffee from dripping through. Then let it sit for the remainder of your immersion time.
  • When time’s up just plunge directly into your cup. It doesn’t take a lot of force. Just give a constant downward pressure.

One major variation is to brew using the inverted method. Just turn the whole unit over without the filter in place. Using the inverted method helps stop any coffee seeping through the filter.

You have to be careful hot coffee does not spill everywhere when you flip it to do the plunge. A way to be sure this doesn’t happen would be to hold your cup over the Aeropress when using the inverted method.

When you’re done, take the filter cap off and press out the puck and everything cleans up with a quick wipe down or a rinse. To keep the rubber seal in good shape always plunge fully through to release any pressure on the seal.

So for a lot of people this is their go to brewing method. Given its size and durability it’s perfect for traveling; especially if you have quality fresh ground coffee when you pair it up with a hand grinder.