Simple Trick to Get Your Milk Island Frothing Again

by Whole Latte Love Updated: December 3, 2020 1 min read
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My Milk Island Won't Froth, What's Up With That?

The Milk Islands that you find on the Gaggia Platinum and the Saeco Talea machines are extremely impressive. The Milk Islands do an amazing job, you can get the milk as hot as you want it and it creates a beautiful froth.

If for some reason yours stops frothing there is a very simple cleaning procedure that will instantly solve the problem.

Keep in mind that the machine is there to produce steam and if the milk gets hot even if there is no froth on it the machine is doing it’s job. The only procedure that you have to do is to clean the "air injector".

The "air injector" is located on top of the removable “manifold”, as I like to call it and it can be cleaned in about 25 seconds.

1. Remove Glass Carafe form the Plastic holder.

2. Remove the top plastic distributor from the Manifold.

3. Wash water down through the air intake on the distributor and squeeze open the air injector and run water through it.

4. Put it back together and start frothing.

It is a good idea to take apart the parts on the manifold and clean them after use and then let them sit out to dry. This only takes about a minute.