Brew Coffee and Espresso Outdoors

by Jessica Pavia Updated: May 19, 2021 3 min read
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The weather is finally warming up upstate where we are, and I can only imagine — or hope — it’s the same for you, wherever you are. And the best part of nice weather is being able to get outside and enjoy nature with long hikes or camping trips. But being outdoors doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your favorite hobby: coffee and espresso making.

Whole Latte Love has put together a collection of portable products and pre-ground coffees that will make brewing the perfect cup an easy feat, even without electricity or a plumbed up reservoir. Find out a bit more about each item below.

Different brew methods


Dreamed up by a Stanford engineering instructor, the Aeropress optimizes simplicity while still brewing coffee or espresso with low acidity and bitterness. With the Aeropress, you are part of the entire brewing experience, and can control all sorts of variables by changing how much you stir the grounds, to how long you take to push down on the plunger, to create a cup personalized to your taste. The company has since come out with AeroPress Go, which carries its own mug as a carrying case. 

French Press

The Espro P1 Travel Press is almost too perfect. It will strain, press, and hold up to 15mL of coffee in a vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos. French press coffee is a fan-favorite, with a hearty backing. But the typical glass vessel you immediately associate with this brew method isn’t exactly “throw in a backpack while we go camping” friendly. But this version, which comes in whitestainless steel, and black, means you can enjoy the slow patience of a press coffee under the glow of a rising sun.

Pour Over

This one’s pretty self explanatory: grab a thermos (many of which we have at Whole Latte Love, more on that later), a kettle, and either an Espro Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer or the EB Lab Dripper Cone and Stand. Pour over coffee is already an incredibly meditative process, what with the slow rhythmic pour of water over a blooming coffee bed. Combined with the outdoors, this setup is sure to be a favorite.

Check it Out
Brew Coffee and Espresso Outdoors

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

3 Reviews
The AeroPress Go Coffee Maker gives coffee lovers everything they need for on the go brewing. This compact, durable and light-weight travel coffee maker brews American, espresso, and cold brew coffee to fuel an active lifestyle.

Brew Coffee and Espresso Outdoors

Espro P1 Travel Press for Coffee - Stainless Steel

Highlighted by the SCAA as the best new consumer product of 2015, the Espro Travel Press perfects the art of portable coffee.

Grind options

It’s really okay, you can do pre-ground coffee just this once. We promise.

Listen, I know it sounds sacrilegious but standards change in the great outdoors. And you will be able to handle pre-ground coffee for at least a few days. Really. And we have some great options on our website. Some favorites come from Lavazza, of course: the Crema E Gusto Espresso, a special blend of Indian and Brazilian beans for a rich dark roast, and the Qualita Oro, which is a 100% Arabica medium roast blend. There is also the Lavazzo Dek, a decaffeinated 100% Arabica. 

Brew Coffee and Espresso Outdoors

Lavazza Qualita Oro 100% Arabica Medium Roast Ground Coffee

29 Reviews
Lavazza Qualita Oro 100% Arabica Medium Roast is a full bodied coffee that is smooth and aromatic roasted in the traditional style in Italy. The Lavazza passion for absolute quality is evident in e...

Brew Coffee and Espresso Outdoors

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Espresso

61 Reviews
A dark-roasted espresso blend, Lavazza Crema E Gusto has a distinctly bold flavor. A special blend of Indian and Brazilian beans, this Lavazza coffee reveals rich, chocolaty undertones that are acc...

Keep Temperatures Stable

The WLL Horizon Camp Mug

Whole Latte Love has our very own personalized Camelbak mug: the Whole Latte Love Horizon Camp Mug. Coming in white and black, the mug is double-walled and vacuum-insulated to retain cold drinks for six hours and hot drinks for four. If you’re not one for personalized objects but like the Horizon Camp mug, we offer other options in white, black, larkspur, and moss without the WLL logo.

The traditional option

Perhaps the most recognizable of all Camelbak products is the tried and true Camelbak Horizon Tumbler. So, of course, it’s included on this list.  Here at WLL, we carry 12 oz16 oz, and 20 oz, in white, black, moss, terracotta rose, and larkspur. A double-walled, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel tumbler that you can count on to keep your drink hot for up to seven hours or cold up to fourteen. 

The traditional 2.0

The Camelbak MultiBev is the beverage multitasker you have been waiting for. The top is a 22 oz water bottle, the bottom a detachable 16 oz travel cup that is perfect for both solo and shared enjoyment — making it ideal for camping. Not to mention this bottle will keep beverages hot for sixteen hours and cold for 24. Pick your choice of moss, black, terracotta rose, and white.

Brew Coffee and Espresso Outdoors

Whole Latte Love Horizon Camp Mug 12 oz in Black

2 Reviews
The Camelbak Horizon Camp Mug is a 12 oz, double-walled vacuum-insulated and stainless steel mug that retains drink temperatures for 6 hours cold and 4 hours hot.

Brew Coffee and Espresso Outdoors

Horizon Tumbler 20 oz in Black

The Camelbak Horizon Tumbler, 20 oz features double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel to keep your beverages hot for 7 hours or cold for 14 hours.

Brew Coffee and Espresso Outdoors

MultiBev 17 oz Bottle / 12 oz Cup in Moss

The Camelbak Multibev, 17 oz/12 oz is a 2-in-1 insulated stainless steel beverage multitasker consisting of a 17 oz water bottle and detachable 12 oz travel cup.


So there you have it: our non-inclusive list of portable coffee and espresso making products. If your coffee habit is the one excuse you had for sticking indoors, we’re sorry to take that one away from you by making it so easy to brew a great cup no matter where you are. If you’re already planning a hiking or overnight trip, check out our blogpost on how to make coffee while camping here.