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Espro Bloom Pour Over Coffee Brewer 18 oz

By Espro

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Espro Bloom Pour Over 18 oz Overview

The Espro Bloom Pour Over 18 oz utilizes a durable, stainless steel design and a silicone sleeve around the top for insulation, grip and exterior temperature control.

Features and Performance

The Bloom Pour Over has a unique cone to recessed bed geometry that makes sure all water is exposed to the same amount of coffee, as well as a steep angled brew chamber which increases water height and head pressure. These standout features help provide an amazingly even extraction at an even more amazing brew speed of 2 minutes.

The Bloom Pour Over also makes use of a unique, patent-pending integrated microfilter with 1,502 holes that are 500 microns wide. The holes are organized in a spiral pattern to further enhance the speed and evenness of each extraction.

The use of paper filters is supported, but they aren’t necessary for a great-tasting brew thanks to the steel microfilter. For those who plan on using a filter, Espro’s Bloom-specific filters are ideal. However, Kalita and other flat-bottom filters will work as well.

The recommended amount of coffee and water for the Bloom Pour Over with a paper filter is 16.5 g of finely ground coffee and 50 g of water for a 30-second bloom, followed by another 260 g of water for a finished brew in roughly 2 minutes. The same amounts apply for a non-filter brew, just with a coarser grind of coffee.

Why You Should Get It

With the Espro Bloom Pour Over, 18 oz, you’re getting a coffee brewer that is as versatile as it is efficient.

The unique integrated micro-filter allows you to brew with or without a paper filter, while a brew time of just 2 minutes means you can get your desired drink much quicker while retaining an amazing level of quality.


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