SSP Burrs: Upgrade Your Coffee Grinder

by Kate Blaine Updated: October 19, 2021 4 min read
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Updated for 2021. SSP has been a consistent leader in crafting precision milling tools as a family-owned South Korean company for nearly 30 years. Since 1991, SSP has offered high-quality and durable tool steel-based grinding burrs, ensuring that users achieve a consistent and quality grind for their coffee and espresso. With customized software for coffee burrs made in Switzerland and durable material coating made in Germany, you’re sure to get a global collection of grinding tools that are made to last you a lifetime.

Before we get into the details of these premium burrs, here’s a quick rundown of what burrs are and why they’re a big deal for your brewing experience.

What is a Burr?

Pair of SSP Red Speed Burrs

Tool steel, Korean precision, and red speed coating in some cases.

When discussing coffee and espresso grinders, there are two types of parts that grind your coffee beans: blades or burrs. You’re probably most familiar with blade grinders. These grinders run much cheaper than burr grinders and chop up coffee beans into pretty inconsistent pieces resulting in an unbalanced flavor in your coffee or espresso. For this reason, we do not recommend investing in blade grinders for espresso.

Burrs are specially made to ensure a consistent grind size whether you’re brewing coffee or pulling shots of espresso. The two types of burrs that you’ll hear most frequently are flat and conical burrs. Flat burrs are shaped like rings with sharp and rigid edges on one side of the burr. A grinder with flat burrs will have two of these ring-shaped burrs facing each other and will trap the coffee beans in between them to create a fluffy and consistent grind.

Conical burrs are still shaped like a ring but the bottom burr is stationary, sitting at the base of the grinder and the top burr sits above the stationary burr and has sharp teeth located on the exterior of the burr. Conical burrs are most popular on Baratza grinders.

Burrs are more ideal when grinding coffee because they not only create more consistent grinds but they also minimize heat transfer which preserves the flavor and aroma of your coffee. For more information and details on burrs, read our blog What’s in a Burr? below.

What's in a Burr?

What's in a Burr?

You’ve heard it before: Burr grinders are better than their blade counterparts for coffee, especially espresso, preparation. They minimize heat transfer, preserve flavor and aroma, and afford you the ability to fine-tune your grind. You’re sold on a burr grinder; good espresso will pay for itself in no time. But as you start to shop, you notice there are more than a few things to consider when purchasing a burr grinder.
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What are SSP Burrs?

We’ve been checking out the 64mm and 83mm Red Speed-coated flat burrs and have a lot to say about the magic of these Swiss-made burrs. Here’s what you need to know about SSP’s burrs:

  • SSP's 64mm burrs are compatible with Ceado and Mazzer electronic grinders. The 83mm burrs are compatible with Ceado's E37S and E37SD grinders.
  • Both of the 64mm and 83mm burrs are made of tool steel material, specifically coated with Red Speed TiAICN which helps increase the longevity of your burrs. This allows them to last up to 10,000 lbs of coffee!
  • These heavy-duty burrs can withstand coffee and espresso brewing as well as bulk grinding! No need to worry about overwhelming your burrs with bulk coffee, it's no match for these 64mm and 83mm metal burrs.

Compatible Grinders:

64mm Grinders

83mm Grinders

How do Burr Grinders Work?

Whether you’re using a burr grinder that has flat or conical burrs, the burrs will condense the coffee beans into a tightly packed space and grind the coffee beans into an even consistency whether you’re grinding for espresso or cold brew.

After running the 64mm burrs through our Ceado E37S, here’s what we found about the Red Speed burrs:

Oily Beans Are No Match For The Burrs

SSP Burrs Closeup

Improved cutting teeth and red speed coating give these burrs a leg up on hard beans.

Wait! Before you toss out your favorite coffee beans, we’ve got good news for you. The 64mm burrs were no match for our oily or light roast beans. Oily beans are known for being tough on some burrs as they hold lots of moisture while light roasts are harder than your average bean because they’re closer to the natural, unroasted coffee bean. The 64mm burrs pulverized our light roast and oily beans with ease.

Fun Fact: SSP is well versed in other innovative products than just burr sets. They are also an integral part of the car industry! With partners across Europe producing high-tech car-parts, you’ll feel like you just purchased a brand new vehicle with their heavy-duty, tool-steel 64mm and 83mm Red Speed burrs.

Inconsistent Grinds, Where?

Inconsistent grinds? Not with these burrs. The 64mm Red Speed burrs have sharp cutting angles that work together to chop through each bean. What we found was a light and fluffy grind suitable for a creamy cup of espresso, better than stock burrs can offer.

How to Pull Consistent Espresso Shots

How to Pull Consistent Espresso Shots

The key to making the perfect espresso is how you grind, tamp, and create stable temperatures to extract your espresso. Read more here!
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Fun fact: The materials used to manufacture the burrs are unique to each set, making your coffee and espresso brewing experience feel like a personal gift to you.

Coffee Flavor to Savor

64mm and 83mm SSP Burrs

We carry SSP burrs in the most popular sizes for our grinders.

No one wants to lose the fruity or chocolatey flavor notes of their favorite coffee. The 64mm and 83mm burrs grind so smoothly that they’ll minimize heat transfer thus maintaining the flavors and aromas of your favorite coffee.

Fun fact: Investing in these high-quality burrs is not only an upgrade for your grinder but an upgrade for your barista lifestyle.