Ceado E37J in Black - No Touch Screen

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Ceado E37J Electronic Espresso Grinder in Black

By: Ceado

The Ceado E37J is a compact, programmable grinder that delivers single and double shots at the press of a button. Its stepless adjustment and doserless design make this powerful 64mm burr grinder an excellent counterpart to any home barista’s prosumer espresso machine.
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Ceado E37S Quick Set Espresso Grinder in Black

By: Ceado

The E37S takes programmability to the next level with its touchscreen display and Ceado’s Portioning System Selector. Program and dose three personalized presets with this powerful, doserless grinder with stepless worm gear adjustment and impressive 83mm burrs.
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Ideal for home use, the Ceado E37J is the smallest entry in Ceado's esteemed E37 series, bundling several of their key grinding innovations into a compact design. Programmable timed grinding makes portioning out the perfect amount of coffee a breeze with dosing buttons for single and double shots. Ceado's Steady Lock System and Quick Set Revolution make it easier than ever to fine tune your exact grind and even easier to clean and maintain.

On the inside, a powerful 300-watt motor makes short work of beans with an output of 1.7 g/s at a traditional espresso grind. Coupled with Ceado's 3-year warranty, the E37J lives up to its predecessor's reputation.

Dimensions: 9.85\" D x 8.34" W x 17" H

Weight: 21

Electronic Timed Grinding

There are two programmable dosing buttons for single and double shots that can be programmed to grind within 1/10 of a second. For further control, there is also a manual push and grind function to dispense for as long as the button is held.

Steady Lock Grinder

Ceado's Steady Lock system is designed to keep a constant distance between the burrs under any working stress conditions. This ensures grinding consistency by preventing the burrs from falling out of calibration.

Quick Set Revolution

Grind refinement is handled by Ceado's stepless adjustment known as Quick Set Revolution. The burrs can be locked into a specific grinding range and simply adjusted using your thumb and forefinger.

Easy Burr Access

For simplified servicing of your grinder and its burrs, the hopper and top burr are easily removed. You don't need to worry about losing your settings when opening up the grinder for cleaning, saving you from having to re calibrate. The sealed threads inside of the E37J also help to prevent them from becoming clogged by coffee.


The E37J is equipped with a powerful 300-watt motor for high speed, quiet grinding.


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