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BWT Bestcup Premium M Water Filter Cartridge

By BWT water+more

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Complete your Set-Up with the BWT Bestcup Premium M Filter Cartridge

The BWT Bestcup Premium M Water Filter is an in-tank water filter that connects to your machine’s water intake to produce delicious water that will not produce scale in your espresso machine. BWT uses a four step filtration system that removes unwanted odors, flavors, and more from your water, and features BWT's patented ion-exchanger with charged resin to bind calcium while releasing magnesium to improve flavor quality.

The BWT Bestcup Premium M filters out limescale and gypsum to eliminate scale buildup in your espresso machine when replaced regularly. The four layers of water filtration are outlined below:

1. Particle Pre-Filter - Separation of coarse particles such as sand and rust.

2. High Performance Ion-Exchanger - Removal of hardness, adjustment of the balance of minerals.

3. Active Charcoal Filter - Eliminates organic substances, chlorine, and foreign odors and flavors.

4. Particle Fine Filter - Separates fine particles and suspended matter.

Filter Capacity

Depending on the hardness of your water, the total capacity of your filter will vary.
The capacities below are approximations for a filter used for an espresso machine.

Depending on your water’s hardness levels, the BWT Bestcup Premium M Filter cartridge's approximate capacity is listed below:

A (<8°dTH/142ppm) - approximately 2,381 double shots* of espresso

B (8-14°dTH/142-250ppm) - approximately 1,429 double shots of espresso

C (>14°dTH/250ppm) - approximately 1,020 double shots of espresso

Please Note: Regardless of the total water volume run through the cartridge, BWT recommends replacing your filter after a maximum of 3 months of use.

Due to the nature of in-tank water filtration cartridges, we DO NOT RECOMMEND the BWT Bestcup filter system for use in rotary pump espresso machines, as the filter cartridge impedes water flow and places undue stress on the pump. Using this filter system in a rotary pump machine will void its warranty. Also, we DO NOT RECOMMEND this filter for use in Expobar machines as this filter will not fit in Expobar water reservoirs.

The Bestcup filter system requires a filter cartridge adapter to install in semi-automatic and prosumer espresso machines and is safe for use with vibration pump espresso machines.

*A double shot is approximately 2 - 2.35 oz of water.

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Water Filter Compatibility Reservoir (Vibration Pump)

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