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BWT Besthead FLEX Filter Head

By BWT water+more

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Complete your Set-Up with the BWT Besthead FLEX Filter Head

Please Note: The BWT filter heads are threaded with two 3/8" Male BSP fittings. For plumbing into NPT water lines, you will need to purchase the appropriate reduction fitting for your home water line. With the integrated flush valve, you do not need to purchase the BWT Bestflush relief valve.

The BWT Besthead FLEX connects to your espresso machine through your water line and works in combination with all varieties of BWT filter cartridges, allowing your water to be the best it can be for your coffee or espresso brewing. The Besthead FLEX is compatible with any plumbable espresso machine, and comes standard with two 3/8" Male British Standard Pipe fittings. To complement this, a wide selection of optional fittings are also available for easy installation.

In considering areas where space is at a premium, BWT's FLEX technology allows you to adjust the connection fittings in increments of 30° for the best space-saving orientation of the connector hoses. The upgraded swivel-mount also features more spaces for screws to make mounting the filter easier and more convenient. The filter head is fitted with anti-backflow valves to prevent leaks and stop return flow along the supply line.

New to the Besthead FLEX is the integrated flush valve which is used to run water through the line and to flush air out as needed. The valve also features a locking mechanism to prevent accidental tampering.

The filter head can be adjusted to one of several blend settings based on the hardness of your water. The blend settings adjust the amount of water run through the ion exchange in ratios of 0/100, 10/90, 25/75, and 40/60. When switching out filter cartridges, the head will cut the flow of water to prevent leaks.

The BWT Filter Besthead FLEX is compatible for use with all sizes and varieties of BWT water filter cartridges including the Bestmax Premium and Besttaste.

Also available are 3/8" Hose Kits, 1/4" Adapters, and Aquameters.

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