Ceado E10 Step-less Burr Coffee Grinder - On/Off Switch

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Ceado E6X Dosing Espresso Grinder

By: Ceado

The Ceado E6X is a doser grinder with 64mm burrs, and professional grade construction. It’s even NSF Certified for use in a commercial environment. The E6X features stepless adjustment, accurate dosing between 5.5-9 grams, and Ceado’s innovative Steady Lock Burrs.
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Ceado E7 Automatic Espresso Grinder

By: Ceado

The Ceado E7 automatic grinder is a large capacity, 64mm burr grinder that features automatic grinding capability. The E7’s Steady Lock Burr technology, stepless adjustment, accurate dosing, and NSF and UL certifications make it a welcome workhorse in any cafe.
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Owning the Ceado E10 Step-less Burr Coffee Grinder - On/Off Switch

The Ceado E10 Step-less Burr Coffee Grinder With An On/Off Switch is a precision commercial grinder that can be used in the home. This innovative unit lets you grind at a very low speed, 690 rpm, to reduce static electricity and heat transfer for maximum flavor preservation. The Ceado E10 Step-less Burr Coffee Grinder features 83mm flat, hardened-steel burrs powered by a 740-watt direct drive motor. The motor is mechanically suspended and surrounded by thermoelastomer sound-proofing bumpers for exceedingly quiet operation. The Ceado E10’s burrs are very easy to remove, allowing for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. Ceado units are the only grinders to earn UL and NSF certifications in the US, for meeting or exceeding industry safety and sanitation standards. The Ceado E10 Step-less Burr Coffee Grinder With An On/Off Switch comes with a three-year, limited manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and a limited lifetime warranty on the doser lever spring.

The E10’s 740-watt motor is housed in a unique shell and surrounded by soundproofing thermoelastomer rubber mounts for quiet machine operation. This model has tested 30% quieter than comparable grinders in its class. The motor is also rectified to ensure that the burrs are kept perpendicular to the drive shaft to alleviate heat expansion. This maintains the burrs at the appropriate distance for the grind setting selected by the user.This unit features a stainless steel doser with a conical chute that doses vertically for precise and mess-free coffee dispensing. The coffee spout has a narrow design that allows it to dose directly into the middle of the portafilter. The dosing stars are held in position with a stay bolt to ensure consistent dosing. The doser also features a large opening that gives users easy access for cleaning and maintenance.


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