Ceado E7 Semi-Automatic Grinder

The Ceado E7 semi-automatic doser grinder is a large capacity, 64mm burr grinder that is a serious work horse in high capacity cafes or entertaining homes. It features Ceado’s Steady Lock Burrs, stepless adjustment and accurate dosing, and holds both NSF and UL certifications.

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Ceado E6X Dosing Espresso Grinder

By: Ceado

The Ceado E6X is a doser grinder with 64mm burrs, and professional grade construction. It’s even NSF Certified for use in a commercial environment. The E6X features stepless adjustment, accurate dosing between 5.5-9 grams, and Ceado’s innovative Steady Lock Burrs.
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Ceado E7 Automatic Espresso Grinder

By: Ceado

The Ceado E7 automatic grinder is a large capacity, 64mm burr grinder that features automatic grinding capability. The E7’s Steady Lock Burr technology, stepless adjustment, accurate dosing, and NSF and UL certifications make it a welcome workhorse in any cafe.
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Owning the Ceado E7 Semi-Automatic

The E7 semi-automatic burr grinder is a step up in size and capability from the E6X. Ceado keeps it simple with intuitive on/off grinding capabilities that are easy to master, but amps up the performance with a 400 watt motor. This motor is mechanically suspended so as to be soundproof, and we’re grateful for it. The E7 is stepless, and capable of infinitesimal grind adjustments, just like the other Ceados; but, rather than twisting a collar, the E7 has an ergonomic handle and a reduced pitch thread for significantly easier adjustment. Having used both, we’re impressed at the difference threading can make. The doser also underwent some upgrades. It can still be adjusted between 5.5 and 9 grams in 0.5 gram increments, but now features a narrow conical chute for mess free dosing when you pull the lever. It’s easier to clean the doser, too, since the opening is wider than on the E6X. The E7 is both NSF and UL certified here in the states, meaning it’s rated to perform in high volume cafes or entertaining homes.

We regard Ceado highly in terms of the innovative design elements present in all of their grinders. Like the others, the E7 features a high capacity overload switch, which cuts the grinder’s power if a blockage occurs so as to avoid any damage to the motor. Our favorite feature has to be Ceado’s Steady Lock Burr technology. This design keeps the E7’s 64mm burrs at a constant distance apart from one another, whether they’re grinding for one shot or one hundred. Not only does this make the grind seriously consistent, Steady Lock Burrs never need to be calibrated. So, if your E7 is dialed in already, you can literally lift the burrs apart for cleaning, screw them back together, and grind a great shot right away without any adjustment necessary. If you like what you see, but need a little automation to help in high volume settings, the E7 automatic grinder has your back with automated grinding once the doser’s empty; or, for higher capacities and quicker grinding, take a look at the E10.


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