Ceado Electronic Timer E10 Burr Coffee Grinder

The Ceado E10 grinder has giant 83mm burrs that spin at a low speed to reduce static and heat build up. As a timer grinder, operation is easy. Its large doser dispenses consistent shots accurately into your portafilter with every lever pull. The E10 shines in a high volume shop.

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Ceado E6X Dosing Espresso Grinder

By: Ceado

The Ceado E6X is a doser grinder with 64mm burrs, and professional grade construction. It’s even NSF Certified for use in a commercial environment. The E6X features stepless adjustment, accurate dosing between 5.5-9 grams, and Ceado’s innovative Steady Lock Burrs.
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Ceado E7 Automatic Espresso Grinder

By: Ceado

The Ceado E7 automatic grinder is a large capacity, 64mm burr grinder that features automatic grinding capability. The E7’s Steady Lock Burr technology, stepless adjustment, accurate dosing, and NSF and UL certifications make it a welcome workhorse in any cafe.
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Owning the Ceado E10

The E10 is one of Ceado’s larger doser offerings, perfectly suited to a high volume specialty coffee environment. This grinder is built to last, since it’s made up entirely of commercial components. Its high quality construction and performance contributed to the E10’s NSF and UL certifications here in the states, making it rated for commercial applications. Upgrades from the smaller doser models includes a significantly larger 740 watt motor and burrs a whopping 83mm in diameter. Ceado’s simple See-and-Set stepless grind adjustment lets you fine tune your grind using an ergonomic lever. Spinning a timer dial causes grounds to dispense into the doser, which, just like on the E7 models, is adjustable between 5.5 and 9 grams in 0.5 gram increments, and features a narrow conical chute for mess free dosing when you pull the lever. Ceado has outdone itself once again with the E10’s innovative design elements.

The E10, of course, features Ceado’s incredibly accurate Steady Lock Burrs, which lock into place at a set distance to produce consistent shots time and again, regardless of high-stress grinding. As a bonus, Steady Lock Burrs never need to be calibrated. So, if your E10 is dialed in already, you can literally lift the burrs apart for cleaning, screw them back together, and grind a great shot right away without any adjustment necessary. The motor is mounted perpendicular to the drive shaft to alleviate heat expansion, and it spins at a low speed so as to avoid static and grounds clumping. That’s not to say the E10 is slow, however. Its big burrs make up for the low-speed motor and then some. Their wider surface area means more coffee can be ground at once. If you don’t need quite as much capacity, either of the E7’s would be a great alternative; or, if you want to nix the doser and gain automatic dosing, take a look at the E37 models.


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