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Ceado Hoop Coffee Brewer - Black

By Ceado

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Ceado Hoop Coffee Brewer Overview

Ceado’s Hoop Coffee Brewer is an award winning no bypass coffee brewer. It was designed by Ceado to lower the barrier-to-entry for manual home brewing with a very hands-off approach while also allowing users to explore and experiment with different variables like grind size, water temperature, agitation and filtration.

Termed a “no bypass” brewer by Ceado, Hoop’s two piece design consists of the lower Water Crown where brew water is introduced and the Filter Tower where a coffee filter and ground coffee are loaded. When brewing, water is poured into the Water Crown and is then evenly distributed across the grounds through 12 holes positioned around the circumference of the Filter Tower. Since the water is introduced to the coffee indirectly, it reduces the likelihood of channeling by preventing uneven or aggressive pouring from influencing water flow. AKA: No Bypass.

How to Brew with Hoop

  1. Place one or more filters in the base of the Water Crown.
  2. Screw together the Filter Tower and Water Crown. If using a paper filter, it should be pulled taut like a drum.
  3. Place Hoop on a cup or serving vessel and pre-wet the filter.
  4. Add ground coffee to the center of the filter tower, redistributing as necessary to ensure that the bed is evenly distributed.
  5. Pour your brew water into the water crown.
  6. Wait until all of the brew water has passed through the coffee.

When brewing, your extraction can yield dramatically different results based on your coffee, grind size, dose, water temperature, brew ratio, agitation, and the variety as well as the quantity of filters you place in the Water Crown. Our in-house testing yielded TDS percentages ranging from 1.23 - 1.94 and extraction percentages ranging from 15.8 - 24.6, making Hoop an incredibly versatile brewer and a great tool for experimenting with coffee.

Hoop can be placed on top of a serving vessel or cup* and is compatible with most pour over stands. We have independently tested to confirm that the following coffee filters are also compatible for use with Hoop:

Aeropress paper filters, E&B Lab metal Aeropress filter screens

*A clearance of .5” between the top of the handle and the rim is necessary when placing Hoop directly on top of a cup or mug.

BPA Free
Dishwasher Safe


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