Coffee MIO Ufficio

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Coffee MIO D'oro

By: Coffee MIO

D'oro means gold, and at Coffee MIO it's the favorite blend of their master craftsman and senior blend manager Edmund Maier. Likening it to a fine Tennessee whiskey, he describes D'oro as smooth and pure, offering a distinctly Australian take on 100% Arabica coffees. This medium roast blend is composed of coffees fr...
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Coffee MIO Crema Plus

By: Coffee MIO

Coffee MIO's Crema Plus is a blend of superior origins that makes for a rich, velvety crema, and syrupy mouthfeel. Coffees from the Cerrado region of Brazil lend a natural caramel sweetness, pairing well with the 10% Indian 'Kaapi Royale' Robusta which provides a finish comparable to Australian chocolate malt bevera...
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Take an Australian vacation from office coffee with Coffee MIO's Ufficio blend. Ideal for espresso or filter preparation, Ufficio is a mix of five distinct high altitude Arabica coffees. In the cup, expect rich crema with citrus and berry brightness and gentle undertones of forest vegetation.

Available in 2.2lb Bags of Whole Bean Coffee


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