Dalla Corte XT Espresso Machine

By Dalla Corte

The Dalla Corte XT is a commercial espresso machine that was designed with baristas in mind. With three groups offering independent control over temperature, flow, and extraction weight, specific brew profiles can be created for up to three different coffees. Compatible with Dalla Corte’s GCS and MCS technology, the XT can take the guesswork out of grinding and frothing for an incredibly efficient workplace.

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Made for Baristas

Dalla Corte offers an unprecedented degree of control over the brewing process. The XT allows for independent control of espresso temperature, flow, and weight at each of its groups. Baristas can dial in each group for specific brew recipes and coffee origins on a per group basis.


Made for Baristas

Multi-Boiler System

Pioneered by Dalla Corte, the Multi-Boiler system allows for precise temperature control of each group head. Each group is equipped with its own heating element and PID, making them independent from each other and from the steam boiler.


Multi-Boiler System

Independent Flow Control

The flow of water can be regulated for each group in a range of 4 - 12g. To adjust flow, simply remove the valve cap and insert a screwdriver to set the group to your desired flow. When you’re finished adjusting, your changes can be reviewed on the digital display located above the group.


Independent Flow Control

Real Time Weight Control

The XT’s Real Time Weight Control is a weight based dispensing system that guarantees consistency while eliminating clutter from the workspace. Program your desired liquid output and the XT does the rest. No scales necessary!


Real Time Weight Control

Grinder Control System (GCS)

The GCS is an optional feature that pairs your XT with the DC One or DC Two grinders. Flow at the machine’s group is communicated to the grinder via the GCS.The grinders will automatically adjust finer or more coarse to compensate for any changes, leaving your baristas with more time to focus on coffee and customers.


Grinder Control System (GCS)

Milk Control System (MCS)

Another optional add-on, the MCS is an automatic milk frothing system that can produce latte-art quality foam at the push of a button. Thanks to an innovative angled wand and a temperature probe, the MCS can be programmed to automatically froth milk to your desired temperature and consistency.


Milk Control System (MCS)


Property Value
Number of Boilers
Brew Boiler Heater Location
Brew Boiler Volume (Oz)
0.5 L
Brew Group Features
Independent Temperature Control
Brew Unit Type
Dalla Corte
Three-Way Valve
Back Flush Capable
Brew Group Size (mm)
Brew Group Type
Dalla Corte
Display Type
Type of Controls
Push Button, Touch Screen
Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable)
Drip Tray Cover Material
Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material
Property Value
Housing Color
Housing Material
Maintenance Alerts
Depth (Inches)
Height (Inches)
Weight (Lbs)
Width (Inches)
Bottomless Portafilter Available
Filter Diameter (mm)
Portafilter Handle Material
Portafilter Material
Chrome Plated Brass
Portafilter Type
Pump Type
Water Source

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