Lavazza Medium Roast Espresso Decaffeinato

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Lavazza Espresso Decaffeinato Ground Espresso

By: Lavazza

Water processed to retain its full, rich flavor, Espresso Decaffeinato is the way for espresso lovers to have their late-night brew without losing sleep. Sweet and creamy, this Lavazza coffee is entirely comprised of Central American and Brazilian Arabica beans. When brewed, Lavazza Espresso Decaffeinato is a full-b...
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Lavazza Dek Ground Decaf Espresso

By: Lavazza

A water-processed, 100% Arabica, decaf ground blend with a rich, thick crema balance and a pronounced aroma. Available in 8.8oz bricks.
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Lavazza Medium Roast Espresso Decaffeinato gives you sweet aromatic coffee without the caffeine buzz. You can brew it in your Espresso Machine, or Drip Coffee Maker and achieve excellent results. Keep some on hand for those late nights when you want a tasty coffee but need to sleep and for your friends who desire a decaf brew. This Lavazza Medium Roast Espresso Decaffeinato comes pre-ground in a vacuum sealed 8.8oz brick package.


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