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Saint Anthony Industries New Levy Precision Tamping Tool 58.3mm - Teflon Black

By Saint Anthony Industries

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The New Levy Precision Espresso Tamping Tool from Saint Anthony in Teflon Black takes all the guesswork out of tamping your espresso grounds. Simply adjust the depth between 5mm and 14mm, determine your ideal weight, and let the tool take care of the rest with a simple spin. This handmade product keeps your espresso making consistent!

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Saint Anthony Industries New Levy Precision Tamping Tool Overview

Please Note: this product comes with the $20 Bachman AccuDrive system pre-installed.

The New Levy Precision Espresso Tamping Tool in Walnut is an American-made product developed in the Saint Anthony Industries workshop. Meaning, you can expect reliability and professional craftsmanship. The New Levy Precision Espresso Tamping Tool in Teflon Black is complete with a matte stainless steel body that is entirely coated in a durable, industrial grade teflon. The teflon keeps your tool clean by repelling grime, thanks to its non-wetting, naturally oleophobic (oils) and hydrophobic (water) properties. In other words, the teflon acts as a non-stick coating, repelling grime, oils, grounds, and fingerprints off your tools for extended durability.

The New Levy Precision Espresso Tamping Tool makes consistent brewing easy! Simply determine your shot’s dose, whether that be 16g or 18g, and then adjust the tool’s depth accordingly. The New Levy has a diameter that is an extra .3mm thicker, meaning it has less space in the basket and will tamp more evenly.

Fits 58mm Portafilter Baskets

Minimum Tamping Depth 5mm / Maximum Tamping Depth 14mm

How to Use the New Levy Precision Espresso Tamping Tool:

  1. Determine your dose (weight) first — either 16g, 18g, etc — so you can adjust the tamping depth accordingly.
  2. Grasp and unscrew the handle on top while holding the center spacer.
  3. Zero out the tool by holding the middle and loosen the top. Then screw the base of the tool into the unit until you can't move it any more.
  4. From there, turn the tool to whatever number you choose. Each full cycle counts up. So to get to 12, do one full cycle through ten and then stop at two.
  5. To secure the size, tighten the top!

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Property Value
Base Material Stainless Steel
Base Style Flat
Property Value
Tamper Diameter 58.3mm
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Tamp Pressure Regulation Yes

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